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Chapter 1430: I am Not Done with You

Guan Jianlin naturally thought that Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian were truly in love. After the incident at the Four Seasons Hotel was exposed, he had contacted Old Master Gu through various channels. In the end, Old Master Gu’s response was that it was just a game between young people, there was no need to take it seriously.

Guan Jianlin was not stupid. He could see that Old Master Gu had no intention of acknowledging Guan Meiyi at all. In fact, if he were Old Master Gu, he would not be agreeable to Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian being together.

Gu Zhiqian was Old master Gu’s grandson. Although he was not favored, he still had a high status. Moreover, he had a special relationship with the Ruan family. He was handsome and had a tall figure. He was also a well-known Best Actor in the entertainment industry. Even if he did not rely on the Gu family, Gu Zhiqian had a lot of wealth just by himself. Such a man, what kind of woman he could not find? Why would he look for a married widow like Guan Meiyi?

Although Guan Jianlin knew what grandfather Gu was thinking, he was still hoping and he would not give up.

Therefore, when he saw that the viral news report about Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian living together, the fire in his heart was ignited again.

As long as Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian were truly in love, and the two of them were really together, what could Old Master Gu with his objections? In this world, how many elders could truly fight against the younger generation?

Guan Jianlin made up his mind, and his heart also calmed down. He picked up his phone again to call Guan Meiyi, but what greeted him was still a refusal.

Just as Guan Jianlin was annoyed, a servant came to report that the He family had come to look for him.

Guan Jianlin was now focused on the Gu family, so he didn’t have the mood to pay attention to the he family. He waved his hand and said, “Tell them that I’m not at home!”

The servant came to the door and told He Tian and Li E as instructed by Guan Jianlin, “My chairman is not at home.”

He Tian’s face suddenly turned cold, “Guan Jianlin, you have to find a better excuse to lie. The car still parked there, and you say that you’re not at home?” He Tian was angry, ” He’s not at home so what? Open the door and I’ll go in and wait for him!”

The servant was in a difficult position. Guan Jianlin’s original intention was not to see the He family, so how could he dare to let them in.

“Mr. He, you’d better not make things difficult for me. My chairman will not see you. You’d better go back.” The servant said bluntly.

He Tian’s old face instantly turned red with anger, “What do you mean that he won’t see us? Back then, when Guan Jianlin begged our family to marry his daughter, why wasn’t it like this? Now that my son is dead, Guan Jianlin immediately changed his face! Open the door quickly, do you hear me? I must see Guan Jianlin today!”

This was the first time He Tian had experienced being blocked by someone outside. “Back then, the people of your Guan family fawned over the He family like dogs. Have you all forgotten?”

The servant’s face darkened. He was just a servant, but now he was stuck in the middle. He could not let the He family in and had to endure He Tian’s insults.

Therefore, the servant said directly, “Chairman He, you should go back. Your son has passed away, which means that the He family and the Guan family have nothing to do with each other now. Besides, our Big Missy already has a new boyfriend, and this boyfriend is no other person but the Young Master of the Gu family, Gu Zhiqian. Our chairman is going to be the in-laws with the Gu family soon, and it’s not something that the He family can insult at will!”

Hearing the servant’s words, He Tian and Li E were so angry that they almost fainted. They pointed at the Guan family’s mansion, “Good for you, Guan Jianlin, you ungrateful wretch! This matter isn’t over, and I’m not done with you! Not Done!”