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Chapter 1429: They Were Truly in Love

Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian were pretending to be a couple to help the police solve the case, but Guan Jianlin was unexpectedly overthinking about all these.

Guan Jianlin was sitting on the sofa in the living room, making a phone call. His new lover, the big-breasted girl, walked over and snuggled into Guan Jianlin’s arms. She looked at Guan Jianlin with a pair of eyes full of expectation.

The phone rang for a while, but in the end, the other party rejected him mercilessly. Guan Jianlin threw his phone on the coffee table angrily.

“What’s wrong? Your daughter is still not picking up the phone?” The big-breasted girl asked.

The big-breasted girl’s name was Lin Ni. She used to be the receptionist in Guan Jianlin’s company. Ever since Guan Jianlin and Ling Qi divorced, Lin Ni successfully climbed onto Guan Jianlin’s bed with some mysterious means and moved into Guan Jianlin’s mansion, became the mistress of the house.

There were many reasons that caused the relationship between Guan Jianlin and Guan Meiyi to become more and more strained, and Lin Ni did not play a good role in it either.

“Your daughter is really something. No matter what, you are still her father. Without you, where would she come from? She actually did not answer your calls. How unfilial she is.”Lin Ni leaned in Guan Jianlin’s arms and complained. When she saw Guan Jianlin’s expression change, Lin Ni quickly said coquettishly, “Ahya, I’m just feeling sorry for you. Back then, when you marry her into the He family was for her to find a good in-laws. But the marriage is indeed managed by the two people. Your daughter had her own marriage fail, but blamed it all on you, the father, which is so unreasonable.”

Hearing Lin Ni’s words, Guan Jianlin’s expression was slightly better. He patted Lin Ni’s body with his big hand, “You’re the understanding and obedient one. If only Meiyi could be half as understanding and obedient as you would be satisfied with me.”

If Guan Meiyi knew that her father, Guan Jianlin, compared her to Lin Ni, she would probably be furious.

Lin Ni grabbed Guan Jianlin’s big hand tenderly, “However, I think that your daughter’s life is still really lucky. Not only does she have a father like you, even God seems to take care of her. Her husband just died and she’s already with Gu Zhiqian. That Gu Zhiqian is not an ordinary man. Not only is he handsome, but his family background is also rich!”

Hearing Lin Ni’s words, Guan Jianlin’s face immediately turned cold, “What do you mean by her being with Gu Zhiqian right after her husband died? Watch your mouth!”

Although that was indeed the case, it still didn’t sound good when it was said out loud. Moreover, Guan Jianlin knew what the He family really was. He also knew how He Zhenxuan had treated Guan Meiyi over the years. All these years, Guan Meiyi had caused a lot of trouble over the divorce. Every time, he would stop him. Although he knew what was going on, he never said anything. Because in order to maintain his relationship with the He family, he had to sacrifice Guan Meiyi.

Seeing that Guan Jianlin was angry, Lin Ni quickly sat up properly and looked at Guan Jianlin pitifully, “I said something wrong. I didn’t mean it like that. I just…”

She just couldn’t stand it. How could Guan Meiyi find a man as good as Gu Zhiqian just after her husband died? She was still a virgin when she started following that old man Guan Jianlin. Although this old man had spent a lot of money on her over the past few years, but he really couldn’t satisfy her in that aspect! She had to find a man to comfort her when the old man wasn’t at home.

“Stop it!” Guan Jianlin looked at Lin Ni with a warning look, “Don’t say that again. Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian are truly in love!”