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Chapter 1427: Such a Weird Person

The sweet smile on Guan Meiyi’s face made Gu Zhiqian a little dazed.

“Thank you, darling.” Guan Meiyi’s voice was sweet, and she naturally kissed Gu Zhiqian on the cheek.

Feeling the softness and warmth from Guan Meiyi’s lips, Gu Zhiqian’s body suddenly tensed up.

The sweet interaction between the two was captured by all the reporters present.

The reporters swarmed over, and the questions rained down on the two of them.

Gu Zhiqian suddenly came to his senses and pulled Guan Meiyi out of the car, holding her in his arms as they walked towards the apartment door.

Guan Meiyi cooperatively snuggled into Gu Zhiqian’s arms and walked forward with him in complete trust.

The two of them remained silent to the reporters’ questions throughout the whole process. They were people who had dealt with reporters all year round, so they knew the best that silence speaks.

The less they spoke up, the more certain the reporters were that the two of them were really together. Moreover, the two of them were behaving intimately. Now that Guan Meiyi was even naturally snuggling in Gu Zhiqian’s arms, the intimate relationship could be seen at a glance.

The two of them had just been rumored to have spent a good night together at the Four Seasons Hotel. Now that they were walking together in a high-profile manner, the fact that the two of them being together was finally confirmed to be true.

It was not until they walked into the apartment building that Guan Meiyi’s ears were finally quiet. Just as she was about to leave Gu Zhiqian’s arms, she was pulled back by the man and her arms were tightly wrapped around her.

“What are you doing?” Guan Meiyi raised her head and asked.

Gu Zhiqian hugged Guan Meiyi tightly as he said, “The reporters are still filming outside. Can you be more professional in your acting?”

Guan Meiyi didn’t refute him. It seemed that she really wasn’t professional. If there was a camera following her now, she would definitely be very professional because she knew that it was acting. But now, even though she knew it was all acting, she still felt weird in her heart.

If she was filming, there would still be times when the director would call for a cut. But this time, she didn’t know when it would end.

Gu Zhiqian hugged Guan Meiyi domineeringly, and from time to time, he would approach her and smell the scent of her hair. Compared to Guan Meiyi, Gu Zhiqian acted very naturally, and even Guan Meiyi was a little absent-minded.

If she didn’t know how much Gu Zhiqian hated her, she would have thought that this man really loved her.

The elevator door opened, and the two of them walked into the elevator, hugging each other. The elevator door slowly closed, blocking the cameras of the reporters outside the apartment.

Entering the elevator, Guan Meiyi twisted her body and looked at Gu Zhiqian’s hand that was still on her waist, “Okay, there are no more reporters.”

However, Gu Zhiqian looked up at the surveillance camera in the elevator, “There are still people watching.”

Guan Meiyi,”…”

It was not until they got out of the elevator that Guan Meiyi finally broke free from Gu Zhiqian.

Seeing that Guan Meiyi was so eager to break free from him, Gu Zhiqian’s face instantly darkened.

Guan Meiyi walked to the door of her house, “I have already told Ada to postpone the moving-out process, but don’t worry, after the case is solved, I will move out immediately. During this period of time, you need to bear with me a bit more as my neighbour.”

Guan Meiyi’s tone was calm and emotionless. She looked at Gu Zhiqian as if she was just doing her job.

Guan Meiyi’s attitude made Gu Zhiqian even more unhappy, “As you wish!”

With that, the man entered the password of his apartment and slammed the door.

In the corridor, Guan Meiyi was confused by Gu Zhiqian’s sudden anger. “What a weirdo! A weirdo!”