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Chapter 1423: Pretending to be a Couple

On the surface of the mirror, the words “Ruined Her” were written especially big and terrifying. Ada was actually shocked and horrified by these words after seeing them.

It was an extremely horrible to think that it was her who recruited Luo Kai to be with Guan Meiyi as her assistant, and they basically see each other on a daily basis while having such filthy and perverted ideas toward Guan Meiyi.

Now, Ada was actually very glad that she had discovered another side of Luo Kai in time and didn’t caused any calamity to Guan Meiyi. Otherwise, if anything happened to Guan Meiyi, she would be in big trouble as her agent.

When everyone present saw this scene, their expressions became heavy, and Guan Meiyi’s expression became even more complicated. She didn’t expect that Luo Kai, who usually looked like a well-behaved and sensible big boy, would actually be so dark and bigoted in his heart.

Compared to the others, Gu Zhiqian seemed much more indifferent. Except for his eyes that were still cold, there wasn’t much expression on his face. It seemed that he didn’t feel any fear at all from the photo that Luo Kai had stabbed him all over. On the contrary, he seemed to care more about what Luo Kai’s written words that If he couldn’t get Guan Meiyi, he would rather ruin her.

The man’s deep gaze fell on Guan Meiyi who was frowning at the moment…

Captain Wang left a few police officers and forensics here to collect evidence. Then, he asked Guan Meiyi and the others to return to the police station with him.

In the conversation room, Captain Wang showed some photos and videos to Guan Meiyi and the others.

“We got this evidence from the extras who switched the video at the charity reception. We targeted the cameraman to be someone as the artists’ co-ordinators assistant. It was originally a needle in a haystack, as there were so many people as such in the entertainment industry. They didn’t get any useful video evidence or identification at the Four Seasons Hotel, which showed that the cameraman was a meticulous person. “However, this person still overlooked something very important. Even though he avoided all the surveillance cameras, he overlooked that young people nowadays have a common issue about taking selfies!” Captain Wang continued after a pause, “We received a report from a guest at the Four Seasons Hotel that night, saying that she accidentally took this photo while taking a selfie at the hotel.”

In the photo, there was a petite and cute little girl. But at the bottom right of the photo, one could see Guan Meiyi and He Zhenxuan’s appearance when they left, with Luo Kai followed behind the two with a gloomy expression, holding his phone in one hand, and a steak knife in the other hand.

Captain Wang had sent Guan Meiyi, Gu Zhiqian, and the others to the police station for a very simple reason, since now the police had already placed the focus of suspicion on Luo Kai. But Luo Kai seemed to have already noticed it, so after the last time he appeared in the apartment below Guan Meiyi’s, he disappeared after having a dispute with her. There were not so much time gap in between, and the police were still doing their best to search for Luo Kai, but in such a short period of time, Luo Kai seemed to have become invisible.

Since Luo Kai had such a deep obsession with Guan Meiyi, and he also had a strong hostility toward Gu Zhiqian, Captain Wang hoped that Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian could cooperate with the police and lure out the hidden Luo Kai.

“How do we cooperate?” Guan Meiyi asked.

Captain Wang’s eyes moved between Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian, “It’s actually very simple. As long as the two of you pretend to be a couple, I believe that with your popularity, everyone will soon know about this, and so as Luo Kai. With his bigoted mind at the moment, he will definitely show up.”