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Chapter 1422: The Terrifying Luo Kai

Luo Kai’s apartment wasn’t small, and it was on the sunny side, so it was supposed to be wide and bright.

However, when Guan Meiyi and the others entered the apartment, they fell into darkness. They had to turn on the lights to see everything in the apartment clearly.

The moment they turned on the lights, everyone was stunned. Luo Kai’s apartment was actually filled with Guan Meiyi’s photos.

There was a huge photo of Guan Meiyi on the ceiling, and photos are the wall were small pieces grouped together. If one looked carefully, they would find that Luo Kai had posted the photos in chronological order from the time Guan Meiyi debuted, and the last photo was from the charity ball a few days ago.

Guan Meiyi’s work photos, portraits, filming, and daily pictures were all there, and there were even photos of Guan Meiyi sleeping in the car or in the lounge.

The reason of why the apartment was dark was that Luo Kai had posted Guan Meiyi’s photos all over the windows. So, everywhere he looked, he could see Guan Meiyi.

Gu Zhiqian frowned, “This pervert!”

From these photos, it was not hard to see that Luo Kai’s admiration for Guan Meiyi had exceeded that of a normal assistant or fan. He was already in a morbid state.

Captain Wang led a few police officers to search for evidence in the apartment. He had already begun to suspect Luo Kai, but as he saw Luo Kai’s apartment now, his motive for killing seemed even more obvious.

Suddenly, Ada’s horrified cry came from the study.

When everyone heard the sound, they quickly came to the study room. The scene inside made everyone take a cold gasp.

There were two bookshelves in the study room full of things related to Guan Meiyi. Luo Kai even had a few books exclusive for collecting images of Guan Meiyi, and on every page of the books, there were ambiguous and explicit words.

For example, Sister Meiyi, I love you. I want to be your only man

Sister Meiyi, I really want to wake up every morning and see your beautiful body.

Sister Meiyi, my body and heart belong to you. For You, I want to keep my virginity and give all of me to you in the future.

Sister Meiyi, I really want to touch you and hug you. You are so beautiful and charming.

Sister Meiyi, you are my Muse. With you, I have everything.

People in the room seen every word and sentence with different expressions on their faces. It seemed that Luo Kai’s obsession with Guan Meiyi was too deep that he even willing to keep his virginity for her.

However, this kind of obsession was not a good thing. On the contrary, it was very terrifying.

Guan Meiyi stood there in a daze with not much expression on her face, but her emotions were extremely complicated.

Gu Zhiqian’s eyes stared at the photos and the words that Luo Kai hand-written in the book. His eyes were cold and malicious with a murderous chill.

Captain Wang looked at Gu Zhiqian, then went to ask Ada, “Why were you screaming just now?”

Ada seemed still in panic that she didn’t have recovered from her earlier fear. She pointed at a floor-to-ceiling mirror not far away, “There…”

Captain Wang looked in the direction that Ada was pointing at, and his expression instantly changed. Only then did he realize that the photo on the mirror was not of Guan Meiyi, but of He Zhenxuan, whose photo were crossed out by him. And there were photos of He Zhenxuan being killed in a bloody mess, covered with stab wounds all over his body.

Under the photo, there was a sentence written in blood…

Sister Meiyi was sacred and inviolable, He Zhenxuan deserved to die!

Under the sentence, there was a photo of Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi.

In the photo, Gu Zhiqian’s body was pierced with holes, and Guan Meiyi’s head and body were directly separated.

Under this photo, there were words written in blood: if I couldn’t have her, I’d rather destroy her…