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Chapter 1421: The Unknown Side

The elevator door opened and the person who walked out was indeed the police officer in charge of investigating He Zhenxuan’s murder. The last name of the leading police officer is Wang, he is also the captain of this case.

“What… are you doing?”Captain Wang saw the scene in front of him and asked unconsciously.

In front of him, Gu Zhiqian blocked the door of Guan Meiyi’s apartment, while Guan Meiyi stood there impatiently. Before the police came in, the two seemed to have had an argument.

“Captain Wang.” Guan Meiyi appeared to be a little embarrassed, but then she became serious. Police came to the apartment they lived in, indicated that there must have been some progress made in He Zhenxuan’s case, “Is there any updates on He Zhenxuan’s case?”

Captain Wang nodded, “Actually, we’re here to look for your assistant, Luo Kai.”

Captain Wang’s words made Guan Meiyi realize something, but she was then confused, “Luo Kai… what’s wrong with him?”

“It’s that weakling again…” Gu Zhiqian mumbled resentfully.

“After investigation, we found that your assistant, Luo Kai, is very suspicious of this case. We tracked him down and found that he went out with you this morning and last appeared here, so we found this place. But apparently, he is no longer here.” Captain Wang said with a frown.

“Luo Kai had something to do with He Zhenxuan’s death?” Although Guan Meiyi was in doubt, she was not too shocked by the news, especially after what had just happened.

Obviously, Captain Wang also noticed that Guan Meiyi’s reaction and emotions were too calm. Something must have happened before.

As Luo Kai had to take care of Guan Meiyi closely, the place where Luo Kai lived was not far from Guan Meiyi’s apartment. Accompanied by the police, Guan Meiyi brought Captain Wang and the others to Luo Kai’s residence in order to help with the investigation.


Guan Meiyi turned around and looked at Gu Zhiqian who was following her with a cold expression, “Why did you follow me here?”

Gu Zhiqian’s face was icy cold after hearing Guan Meiyi’s question, the frost between his brows was so heavy that it could not melt, “I’m also related to this case. What’s wrong with me following you here?”

Guan Meiyi,”…”

Other than being with her on the night He Zhenxuan died, what else did this man have to do with this case?

Soon, they arrived at the apartment where Luo Kai lived. The password lock at the door was created a hardship for everyone. Captain Wang went up and knocked on the door, but no one opened it. Apparently, Luo Kai was not at home at the moment.

Even though captain Wang had a search warrant in his hand, it would not be good to break into the apartment openly. Therefore, he asked a technician to decipher the password.

Guan Meiyi stared at Luo Kai’s door. Although she knew that Luo Kai lived here, she had never been here before. She only found out about this address after asking Ada. Here, her manager, Ada, had also rushed over. Her expression was extremely bad. She had recruited Luo Kai for Guan Meiyi’s dispatch. If there was really something wrong with Luo Kai, as her manager, she would also be responsible for it.

Guan Meiyi looked at the technician breaking down the password. She suddenly thought of something and said, “Why don’t I try?”

Captain Wang nodded. Guan Meiyi walked forward and entered a few characters. The coded lock was automatically unlocked.

Captain Wang was stunned, “You know the password?”

Guan Meiyi shook her head, “I made a guess.”

“Then what is the password?”

“… my birthday…”Guan Meiyi’s mood was a little heavy. It seemed like Luo Kai really had a side of him that no one knew about.

After entering his apartment in particular, everything inside made Guan Meiyi and the people present feel even more terrified.