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Chapter 1417: The Furious Gu Zhiqian (2)

Gu Zhiqian drove back from the place where he met Zhao Huimin and Fang Hua. Just as his car slowed down and turned to the entrance of the apartment building, he saw Luo Kai’s car downstairs, while Luo Kai was in the driver’s seat and Guan Meiyi was in the passenger seat.

Gu Zhiqian frowned immediately after seeing the scene in the car,

Luo Kai was holding Guan Meiyi’s arm and talking with excitement, while Guan Meiyi seemed to be responding to him gently.

It was hard to tell how Gu Zhiqian could see that Guan Meiyi was being gentle. Maybe it was because Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian rarely talked properly, so in Gu Zhiqian’s eyes, as long as she wasn’t talking to him, her expression was always gentle.

Therefore, the man’s face darkened with his thin lips pursed tightly, and his eagle-like eyes aimed at the man and woman in the car that was not far away.

Gu Zhiqian saw with his own eyes that Luo Kai had changed from holding Guan Meiyi with one hand only to two hands, and his emotions were getting more and more agitated. He was watching from the outside, so he couldn’t hear their conversation, but with his great imagination, Gu Zhiqian played the conversation in his mind.

In Gu Zhiqian’s mind, Luo Kai was confessing to Guan Meiyi emotionally, and looking at Guan Meiyi’s expression, it seemed like she didn’t want to reject him.

Just like that, the more Gu Zhiqian looked at them, the more angry and more uncomfortable he felt. His lips pursed even more tight and his two big hands were tightly holding his steering wheel, as if he was imagining the steering wheel to be Luo Kai. At this moment, Gu Zhiqian really wanted to strangle Luo Kai to death.

He didn’t care why he was so angry, nor did he have the mood to think about the reason behind his irritation. He only knew that he was angry, very angry. He wanted to strangle that Luo Kai to death!

Guan Meiyi, this damn woman, was she stupid? What was so good about that weakling? She actually didn’t reject him. Was it comfortable to be held by him like that?

However, what Guan Meiyi was experiencing now was completely different from what Gu Zhiqian had imagined.

No matter what Guan Meiyi said, Luo Kai was getting more agitated rather than calm. His eyes became redder and redder, his voice became louder and louder, and his tone became more and more urgent, “Sister Meiyi! I’m the one who cares about you the most and understands you the most in this world! I know everything about you, and I know what you like and dislike! I know your thoughts better than anyone else, and I care about you more than anyone else! So, just come with me, and I’ll make you happy!”

“That’s enough, Luo Kai! I don’t have time for this anymore. If you still want to be my assistant, then I’m asking you to let me go right now. Otherwise, today will be your last day of work. Starting from tomorrow, don’t let me see you again!”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, the last string in Luo Kai’s heart was broken. He went completely out of control in an instant. He held Guan Meiyi tightly and began to shake her body constantly, “Guan Meiyi! Why are you doing this to me? ! I’ve done everything for you with all my heart! I’ve done everything I could for you! Why are you doing this to me? ! You’re not being fair to me! This is not fair!”

Luo Kai’s eyes were staring at Guan Meiyi. He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t care anymore. You’re mine. You can only be mine!”

After saying that, Luo Kai pressed Guan Meiyi into the car seat, with his skinny body quickly pressed against her, “You’re mine!”

Guan Meiyi was shocked by Luo Kai’s sudden move, and she began to struggle violently.