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Chapter 1415: I Can’t Bear It Anymore

A cold smile suddenly appeared on Old Mr. Gu’s gloomy face, “If you want my respect, you have to do something to earn it first!”

Old Mr. Gu casually took out a check and threw it in front of Guan Meiyi, “I don’t care what happened between you and Gu Zhiqian. Take this money as compensation from the Gu family. From now on, please stay away from Gu Zhiqian and don’t cause any troubles to him or the Gu family. Also, remind your father to stop daydreaming that the Guan family and the Gu family will never be able to get perpetual alliance!”

Originally, after Old Mr. Gu learned about the matter between Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi, although he was angry, he didn’t plan to pay too much attention to it. This grandson Gu Zhiqian had always made some scandalous news at the party now and then. Old Mr. Gu didn’t like Gu Zhiqian from the beginning, so he didn’t care about the things he did outside.

It wasn’t until Guan Jianlin found him, vainly attempted to get Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian together, to have Gu Zhiqian marry Guan Meiyi.

In Old Mr. Gu’s eyes, this was the biggest joke in the world.

Guan Meiyi was a married woman, and her husband had just passed away. It was all because of Guan Meiyi that Gu Zhiqian was involved in this matter. And now the Gu family was a laughingstock to the outside. How could such a woman marry into the Gu family.

Even if Old Mr. Gu didn’t like Gu Zhiqian, he would never allow Gu Zhiqian to marry a woman who was married for a second time.

Hearing Old Mr. Gu’s words, Guan Meiyi finally understood why he treated her like this. It turned out that the root of all these was Guan Jianlin. He actually took the initiative to contact Old Mr. Gu. Guan Meiyi didn’t even need to think that she knew what Guan Jianlin had said to Old Mr. Gu.

Guan Meiyi suddenly felt a wave of desolation in her heart. It seemed that it wasn’t enough for her biological father to sell her once. He was planning to sell her for the second time.

However, the other party was the Gu family, and It seemed that Guan Jianlin’s wishful thoughts was about to be dispelled this time.

Guan Meiyi calmly looked at the check, “Old Mr. Gu, no matter what my father said to you, it doesn’t represent me. It has nothing to do with me. So I won’t accept this check.”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, Old Mr. Gu’s face darkened. He just knew it that Guan Meiyi was as greedy as her father, Guan Jianlin.

“What? What were you thinking by refusing this check? Are you thinking about marry into the Gu family and be the Young Lady?” Suddenly. Old Mr. Gu slammed his hand on the table, “Don’t even think about it! I will never allow a woman like you to marry into the Gu family and ruin the Gu family’s reputation!”

Guan Meiyi sneered in her heart. She slowly stood up and pushed the humiliating cheque back to Old Mr. Gu, “Old Mr.Gu, I don’t know how bad I am in your mind right now, but this is not the reason for you to humiliate me with money. You don’t have the right.”

After saying that, Guan Meiyi turned around proudly and left the private room.

Guan Meiyi left like this without giving him any face, and Old Mr. Gu’s old face instantly turned to a liver alike colour with anger, “If you refuse a toast, do it the hard way!”

On the way back, Luo Kai was driving in front and Guan Meiyi didn’t say anything on the way. She just sat in the front passenger seat with a heavy and tired face.

Luo Kai drove the car to the apartment building and turned around to look at Guan Meiyi quietly, “Sister Meiyi, why don’t you leave with me?”

Guan Meiyi was about to get out of the car when she heard Luo Kai’s words. She turned around to look at him in confusion, “What are you talking about?”

Luo Kai struggled for a while, then said to Guan Meiyi with a burning gaze, “Sister Meiyi, your life is too hard right now. Why don’t you just leave with me? They don’t know how to love you and care about you. I can’t bear it anymore! Really!”