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Chapter 1413: Emotionless Questions

On the other side, Fang Hua was still extending her hand out, waiting for Gu Zhiqian’s response.

Even though she could clearly see Gu Zhiqian’s displeasure, she still had her hand out, stubbornly waiting for Gu Zhiqian to shake her hand.

Out of courtesy and etiquette, Gu Zhiqian finally reached out his hand, “Hello, I’m Gu Zhiqian.”

It was just a simple touch, and then Gu Zhiqian let go of his hand.

The moment Gu Zhiqian let go of his hand, Fang Hua felt a little disappointed.

Why didn’t he keep holding her hand..

“Zhiqian, Fang Hua, she…”

“I still have something to do.” Gu Zhiqian stood up before Zhao Huimin could finish, “You guys have fun here. I’ll pay for everything. I’m leaving now.”

With that, Gu Zhiqian turned around and left.

“Zhiqian!” Zhao Huimin shouted from behind, but Gu Zhiqian had already left.

Zhao Huimin turned to look at Fang Hua, “I’m really sorry. Zhiqian, he…”

“Auntie, it’s okay. We’ll meet again in the future anyways.” Fang Hua stared at Gu Zhiqian’s back as he left, with her eyes filled with determination.

Seeing that Fang Hua was not angry, Zhao Huimin was relieved. However, Zhao Huimin did not expect Gu Zhiqian to be so resistant to this matter. It seemed that it would take a lot of effort to get Gu Zhiqian to accept Fang Hua.

On the other side, Guan Meiyi dressed all up and came to a place. The waiter at the door led Guan Meiyi to a private room in the back. Because of the special identity of the person she was going to meet, Guan Meiyi specifically asked Luo Kai to go in with her today.

The moment the door of the private room opened, Guan Meiyi saw an old man sitting inside with a few followers behind him. Obviously, the old man was not very kind to Guan Meiyi. When he saw someone come in, he just pointed at the seat opposite to him, suggesting Guan Meiyi to sit down.

Guan Meiyi did not tweak nor she was frightened. She sat down gracefully, and Luo Kai stood behind her, looked at the person opposite him with a slightly nervous expression.

“I was wondering who could make my manager, Ada, to personally ask me to come here. So It’s you, Old Mr. Gu.” Guan Meiyi said in a gentle voice that was neither servile nor overbearing. In front of Old Mr. Gu, Guan Meiyi was dignified and generous in her demeanour.

Today, Guan Meiyi received a call from her manager, Ada, right after she woke up, saying that there was a dinner that Guan Meiyi had to attend. Generally speaking, with Guan Meiyi’s status, she no longer needed to attend the dinner parties to get resources. Moreover, in Zhi Ya Entertainment, everyone knew about her relationship with Ling Tianya. It was impossible for anyone to force Guan Meiyi to do anything.

Even now, there was a lot of rumours about her. Zhi Ya Entertainment only temporarily put her work on a haul and it was mostly for the purpose of protecting her.

So, for Ada to personally ask her to attend a dinner party, it must be someone very important.

At first, Guan Meiyi didn’t want to attend such a dinner party. But first of all, she didn’t have any work to do at the moment and had nothing for her at home either. Secondly, she was really curious about who the other party was.

It turned out that as soon as she entered the door, Guan Meiyi recognized that it was Old Mr. Gu at a glance. The Gu family and the Ruan family were old friends, and the Guan family and the Ruan family had a close relationship, so the Guan family and the Gu family had some interactions as well, and naturally, Guan Meiyi knew Old Mr. Gu.

Old Mr. Gu narrowed his eyes and sized up Guan Meiyi.

“Do you know why I called you here today?” Old Mr. Gu was the first to speak. There was no greetings or small talks, but a cold and emotionless question right there.