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Chapter 1411: The Fang Family Has a Girl

The woman who was referred as Fang Hua by Zhao Huimin smiled, “Auntie, you’re right. The water in the entertainment industry is quite deep, and it is also quite dirty. There are things that don’t need to be taken seriously. However, this time, it doesn’t seem to be like what you said as a deliberate setup as couples or a publicity stunt. “With the photos as evidence, and Gu Zhiqian’s confess to the police personally, how could this be fake? Lying to the police is a very serious matter.”

Hearing Fang Hua’s words, Zhao Huimin’s expression was embarrassed, and then she said awkwardly, “Well… even if this is true, then Zhiqian must have been forced, this…”

“Auntie, for men and women to sleep together, It is understandable to say that a woman was forced. But for a strong man like Gu Zhiqian, it’s a bit unreasonable to say that he was forced.” Fang Hua said sarcastically.

Here, Zhao Huimin didn’t know what to say. She was kicking herself with regret now. If she had known that Fang Hua would appear at this moment, she wouldn’t have agreed to her big sister-in-law’s stupid idea to drug Gu Zhiqian and arrange for him with a woman. In the end, things didn’t turn out as planned. Not only did the arranged woman failed, but Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi were also involved in the affair, and now even had this murder of He Zhenxuan. It was really not worth it.

However, she couldn’t say that to Fang Hua. What could she say?

“Anyway, Fang Hua, you have to believe me. My Zhiqian is definitely not the kind of playboy that people say he is. He has always been very serious about relationships.”

Fang hua listened to Zhao Huimin’s words and just smiled, “Auntie, you don’t have to say it. Things just happened as they did. No matter how hard you explain, it’s still useless. “However, I would say that there are some things that don’t need to be taken too seriously. Who doesn’t have a past in their life? What’s in the past stays in the past. I won’t pursue it and I don’t mind it. What I see is only for the future.”

Hearing Fang Hua’s words, Zhao Huimin immediately showed a smile, “Ah! Auntie will be relieved with you saying that. Auntie really likes children like you who are magnanimous and open-minded.”

Hearing Zhao Huimin’s praise of her, Fang Hua smiled but did not say anything.

The Fang family was also a famous big family in the city, and Fang Hua was the only grandchild of her generation. Normally, for big family like this, it is not that they have to have many children and grandchildren, but if they could they would not mind having them. But Fang Hua’s mother had hurt her uterus after giving birth to her, which made her impossible to get pregnancy for the rest of her life. Fang Hua’s father had been crazy about wanting a son for so many years. He had kept many mistresses publicly and secretly, but none of them had given birth to a child for him. Gradually, as time passed, Fang Hua’s father gave up on this.

Now, he wholeheartedly groomed Fang Hua to become the successor of the family. Because of this, Fang Hua also formed her insufferably arrogant personality in the process.

Fang Hua was the woman that old Mr. Gu was going to introduce to Gu Zhiqian. In fact, if he had a choice, old Mr. Gu would rather let his other two grandchildren marry Fang Hua, but those two grandchildren had already married and had children, the Fang family would never betroth their daughter to a man who had married before. Thus, he could only aim at Gu Zhiqian.

But it was right at this moment when Gu Zhiqian was exposed for such an affair, and old Mr. Gu almost felt suffocated.

Seeing how much old Mr. Gu valued Fang Hua, Zhao Huimin knew that if Gu Zhiqian really married this woman, his status in front of the Gu family and old Mr. Gu would definitely rise a lot, so she took the initiative to invite Fang Hua out to meet her.

To her surprise, this Fang Hua did not refuse it at all, but was actually very agreeable to this meet-up.