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Chapter 1410: Just a Show

“Where have you been? !”

Guan Meiyi, who had been walking with her head lowered, suddenly heard this voice, and was indeed being scared. Guan Meiyi looked up at Gu Zhiqian and ignored him, continuing to walk forward.

Being ignored by Guan Meiyi again and again, Gu Zhiqian walked up with a dark face, grabbed Guan Meiyi’s elbow, and pushed her against the wall, “I said you, can’t you hear me talking to you?”

As he got closer, Gu Zhiqian vaguely smelled the light scent of alcohol on Guan Meiyi’s, “Did you go out to drink?”

Guan Meiyi was confused by Gu Zhiqian. She struggled to get her hand out of Gu Zhiqian’s palm, “I said, I don’t need your permission for where I go and what I do, right? What are you doing now?”

“I… !” Gu Zhiqian’s lips quivered, but he couldn’t find a suitable reason to explain his current behaviour,. so he was annoyed again.

Yes, what was he doing!

Ever since he heard the door next to his was opened and Guan Meiyi had left, he had been hovering at the door. Even though he didn’t admit it, he was waiting for Guan Meiyi to come back, but why did he do that!

Now that with murder case of He Zhenxuan and the affair involving Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian that night had been exposed, the discussion of the incident in the outside world had become more and more intense, and all kinds of insinuations had appeared, it had all become a mess in just a moment. So for the sake of being prudence, Zhi Ya Entertainment put on a haul to all activities of Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian. If it involved a breach of contract, Zhi Ya Entertainment would compensate the full amount.

In order to ensure the safety of Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian, and because of the impact of this incident on them, they could only reduce their exposure during this period of time. To put it bluntly, it was best to stay at home and not come out.

While Gu Zhiqian was thinking about how to answer Guan Meiyi, Guan Meiyi found a gap and pushed Gu Zhiqian away, returning to her apartment.

Really, this man was getting more and more inexplicable.

Gu Zhiqian was still in a daze. He finally realized that there was something wrong with him. During this period of time, his had always been inexplicably keeping an eye out around Guan Meiyi. Was he crazy!

Just when Gu Zhiqian thought he was crazy, Guan Meiyi had already slammed the door.

The sound of the door closing startled Gu Zhiqian. When he looked up, he was the only one left in the corridor.

The next day, Gu Zhiqian received a call from his mother, Zhao Huimin, saying that she had something urgent to that she need to see him.

The mother and son arranged to meet at a high-class private club. Normally, such a club was only open to members, but those who could become members here would have to pay a starting fee of 30 million.

Gu Zhiqian was a high-class member of this clubhouse, and the membership fee was also an astronomical figure.

Therefore, as Gu Zhiqian’s mother, every time she came here to spend money, she would be treated with the highest courtesy of the club.

Gu Zhiqian had not been sleeping very well recently, especially last night when his mind had been thinking about what had happened to him recently, so he did not sleep well the whole night.

When he finally arrived at the club, Zhao Huimin had been waiting for him for a while.

In the tea room, Zhao Huimin looked at the woman beside her with a smile, “Fang Hua, recently, there have been some bad rumors about Zhiqian out there, but you know how deep the waters run in the entertainment industry. Today, this woman used Zhiqian to get to the top, and tomorrow, that woman wants to be his partner, but that’s all fake. It’s just a show.”