Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1408 - Xiao Yaya Is Making Herself Troubles (3)

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Chapter 1408: Xiao Yaya Is Making Herself Troubles (3)

“Sister Meiyi, isn’t his expression scary?”Ling Tianya asked, the chill coming from behind her sent chills down her spine.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide from Ruan Zeyan if she came to a bar, and she didn’t intend to hide either. This was what she called the little trick, but this man came too fast that she didn’t even have time to react!

Ling Tianya searched for the positions of Big One and Small One, and found that the two were no longer in their original positions.

Ling Tianya secretly frowned, “These two guys betrayed me again!”

Ling Tianya remembered that she had told the two of them to wait for an hour before informing Ruan Zeyan. It turned out that Ruan Zeyan must have gotten the news right after she arrived, or else how this man could have come so quickly!

“Ling Tianya, you broke the rules.”Ruan Zeyan’s cold voice sounded from behind.

Ling Tianya, who had been so confident, was now terrified. She felt guilty that she had been caught red-handed, forcing her not to look back.

It was obvious that Ruan Zeyan’s face must be extremely long right now.

Ling Tianya sat there without any reaction. As a cousin, Guan Meiyi had to do something at the moment, so Guan Meiyi stood up with an embarrassed smile, “I invited Tianya here. I’ve been dealing with some things recently, and I was so frustrated that I didn’t know who to look for when I wanted to go out for a drink, so I asked Tianya. Well…”

Guan Meiyi couldn’t finish her sentence. Ruan Zeyan wasn’t a fool. He must have investigated who asked whom out first.

Guan Meiyi talked for so long but the man’s face didn’t look any better.


It seemed that Ling Tianya could only bear the consequences by herself this time.

So, the woman slowly stood up from her chair and turned to look at Ruan Zeyan. Sure enough, his face was extremely long.

“I broke the rules, but you had a meal with a female client two days ago, and you broke the rules too, so we’re even now!”Ling Tianya’s confidence was obviously not enough, because…

“Ling Tianya, that female client is your real mother, Lina!” Ruan Zeyan suppressed the anger in his heart and said to the woman.

Ling Tianya, “Ugh… hehehe, yeah, it’s my mom… Hehehe…”

Guan Meiyi’s eyes suddenly widened. After a long time, it turned out that the person eating with Ruan Zeyan was Lina. Guan Meiyi shook her head speechlessly that no one could save Ling Tianya now.

Actually, Ling Tianya didn’t come to the bar because Ruan Zeyan broke the rules and had dinner with a female client. She was bored at home after giving birth and wanted to come out for some excitement. However, the price she had to pay for the excitement was too high.

Ruan Zeyan took a step forward and reached out to pinch the woman’s chin, “Ling Tianya, how do you want me to punish you?”

Along with the psychedelic music in the bar, when Ruan Zeyan said those words, both his voice and feeling were extremely sexy, making the women around him want to give away their legs and hearts.

However, only Ling Tianya knew that this man was not joking…

Outside the bar, Ling Tianya stood there with her little head drooping, like a child who had done something wrong, “Sister Meiyi, are you in a bad mood now? Do you need me to accompany you?”

Ling Tianya looked at Guan Meiyi for help. At this moment, she could only save herself by her own. Even though the devil beside her was expressionless on his face, Ling Tianya knew that he was angry, very angry..