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Chapter 1405: Less Than a Day

Wang Xiaoman had predicted He Tian’s reaction. The He family were all selfish. Now that He Zhenxuan was gone, they began to focus on her baby. When they mercilessly kicked her out of at the charity banquet yesterday, they definitely did not expect this moment to happen.

Wang Xiaoman had already thought it through that she could not keep this child. Even if she gave birth to this child for the He family, they would not offer her any benefits. Not only would she not get anything in return, but she would also become an unmarried mother who had given birth to a child. And these titles would definitely affect her abilities to find other men in the future, so Wang Xiaoman felt that she could not keep this child.

“There are too many memories of Zhenxuan and me here. Staying here all day is not conducive to the child’s physical and mental health, so I want to move to a different place and change my mood.”Wang Xiaoman continued.

“I think you want to change a place and change a man!” He Tian mercilessly revealed Wang Xiaoman’s dirty thoughts. He couldn’t let Wang Xiaoman leave. Her stomach had the only child of the He family. If this woman left just like that, she would definitely abort the child. He Tian already didn’t have a son, he definitely couldn’t lose a grandson.

When Wang Xiaoman heard He Tian’s words, and her face tensed up, “What are you saying? I never think about it…”

“I don’t care what you think. In any case, the child in your belly is the He family’s child. You must give birth to this baby safely for me,”He Tian said firmly, and then he had realized something, so his tone softened, “After you give birth to the child, I will give you a lump sum of money. If you take the money and want to leave, then just leave. At that time, I will definitely not stop you.”

Of course, he would not stop Wang Xiaoman by then. After giving birth to the child, this woman would have no meaning and value. Why would the He family raise a useless idler? It would be better to give her some money and send her away.

But Wang Xiaoman knew that she could not relent at this time. Based on her understanding of the He family, she would definitely get too much money. She would only get a little money at most and be sent away.

He Tian had anticipated Wang Xiaoman’s thoughts, and Wang Xiaoman had also anticipated his.

However, Wang Xiaoman was still a little smarter. She knew that if she fought head-on with He Tian right now, she would definitely be locked up. At that time, it would be even more difficult for her to leave the He family. Therefore, Wang Xiaoman could only pretend to compromise and that she was confused by the so-called money that He Tian was offering. She nodded her head obediently and said, “Okay, I got it…”

After saying that, Wang Xiaoman went back to her room to rest because she was not feeling well.

He Tian stared at Wang Xiaoman’s back with his cunning eyes and signaled to the housekeeper at home, “Keep an eye on her.”

This was often the case in this world. Wang Xiaoman initially tried her best to stay in the He family for good. But now, not even a day has passed, Wang Xiaoman was already thinking about how to escape from the He family.

Guan Meiyi had slept for a long time. When she opened her eyes, it was already dark. She looked at the time and saw that it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

She had turned off her phone since she returned to the apartment in the early morning. There must be a lot of people looking for her now.

After she turned on her phone, there were indeed a lot of missed calls, most of which were from Guan Jianlin and Ling Tianya.

Guan Meiyi directly ignored Guan Jianlin’s call and called Ling Tianya.