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Chapter 1404: Each Had Their Own Plans

Wang Xiaoman sat in the living room dumbfounded with Li E’s near-fainting cries rang in her ears. He Tian had not returned from the police station yet, and there is a series of things waiting for him, such as body identification. Moreover, He Tian still had to keep an eye on the progress of the investigation. His only son had died and he could not let He Zhenxuan’s death remained unexplained.

Although the degree of suspicion the police had towards Guan Meiyi had reduced, in He Tian’s opinion, He Zhenxuan’s death must had something to do with Guan Meiyi. He definitely wouldn’t let Guan Meiyi off that easy and he had to make Guan Meiyi pay the price!

However, these were only the thoughts of the He family. Wang Xiaoman didn’t have such thoughts at the moment. The only things in her mind was that He Zhenxuan was dead, so what would she do in the future?

It was impossible to marry He Zhenxuan as Mrs. He now as she could not marry a dead person. However, she was pregnant with He Zhenxuan’s child. If the child was born in the future, it would be the only child of the old He family. Presumably, the He family would definitely put the child in their hands and provide for him.

But what would she do? Kept staying in the He family and being a widow for He Zhenxuan for the rest of her life?

She didn’t want to. She wasn’t He Zhenxuan’s wife at all. Why should she be a widow? Moreover, she was only 22 years old. She was still young. There were many men out there for her to choose from. Why should she stay in the He family and live like a nun. Moreover, the He family didn’t treat her well either. Each one of them was more scheming than the other. They were even so cruel to Guan Meiyi, let alone a female student who had nothing but a child?

Wang Xiaoman had already made up her mind secretly that she wouldn’t stay in the He family for sure.

Here, He Tian came back from the police station. Hearing the crying coming from the house, he frowned with his mood was unusually heavy.

Seeing He Tian had come back, Li E quickly stood up and grabbed his arm, “How is it? What did the police say?”

He Tian sighed. He Zhenxuan’s death was a huge blow to him, and he seemed to have aged 20 years in a second. He Tian’s body trembled as he sat on the sofa like an old man in his twilight years, “The police said that Guan Meiyi might not have been the one who killed Zhenxuan.”

“What! If it wasn’t that Bitch, who else could it be?” Li E’s eyes widened.

He Tian shook his head, “Guan Meiyi has Gu Zhiqian as an alibi. The police are now focusing the suspicion on the person who shot the video and are investigating the identity of that person.”

Li E fell onto the sofa in confusion with her eyes filled with emptiness and dull, “Who killed my Zhenxuan… who did it…”

“No matter who it is!” He Tian’s expression became vicious, “It must be related to that B*tch Guan Meiyi!”

Li E cried again, and the entire living room was filled with her cry.

He Tian’s eyes fell on Wang Xiaoman who had no tears and a dull expression. He Tian sneered in his heart. It seemed that this Wang Xiaoman was indeed fake to Zhenxuan throughout this whole time, and the reason why she wanted to be with him unscrupulously was all for the He family’s money.

This Wang Xiaoman was also a B*tch!

Noticing that He Tian was looking at her, Wang Xiaoman forced a smile and said, “Zhenxuan is dead. I’m very sad, so I want to go back to school tomorrow. I want to stay away from this sorrow place for the time being.”

He Tian looked at Wang Xiaoman coldly. “You’re pregnant with the He family’s child, so you can only raise the baby in the He family.”