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Chapter 1403: The Police Investigation

He Zhenxuan’s death caused a mighty uproar. Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian also dominated the headlines of all the major media outlets. For a moment, it seemed that the whole country was talking about this matter.

Guan Meiyi returned to her apartment in the early morning and turned off her phone to sleep. She was too exhausted, she had been in this tiring life for so many years. So, she turned off her phone and isolated herself from the world, let nobody be able to contact her.

She didn’t feel much about He Zhenxuan’s death, as if the dead person was someone who had nothing to do with her.

She was neither gloating nor sad, but she still felt a little depressed inside.

In the end, she didn’t get to dissolve her marriage with He Zhenxuan. Now, she had become a widow.

This kind of relationship bonding made Guan Meiyi unhappy, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

After all, He Zhenxuan was already dead.

But Guan Meiyi didn’t understand who had taken that video. What was the purpose of this ? And what was the reason for releasing it in public? Most importantly, was this person directly related to He Zhenxuan’s death?

There were too many questions in Guan Meiyi’s mind that she couldn’t figure it out, so she decided not to think about it. It was better to leave the unsolved puzzles to the police.

The police quickly started an investigation based on the video. They checked the surveillance cameras of the charity ball and found that a man had sneaked into the video studio and switched the tape.

The police swiftly found the man through the sky-eye cameras along the street, but they were disappointed as the man who switched the video claimed that he was just doing something for money. He was one of the extras who had been in the film base for many years. Not long ago, an anonymous person contacted him and asked him to change the video of the charity ball.

The man followed the anonymous person’s request and went to a bathing center in the city. In locker 07 of the changing room, he received a USB flash drive containing the video and the monetary rewards from the other party.

The man said that he had never seen the man’s face from the beginning to the end. Even the voice of him on the phone was disguised, so he had no idea who the other party was.

The police conducted an investigation based on the man’s confession and found that he was not lying.

There were so many people coming in and out of the bathing centre every day. There were no surveillance cameras in the locker room, so it was impossible to determine who put the video and the payment into locker 07. The police had also checked the number that contacted the man, but the number was canceled right after the call. They investigated the original number’s owner and proved that the number was opened using a fake identity card.

Therefore, the matter seemed to have reached a dead end again.

But the police did obtain something useful. At least, they now suspected that the person who shot the video was most likely someone from the entertainment industry, someone like an agent, a production manager, an assistant, and other executive types. Because only these people could easily find the contact information of the extras.

Now that the matter had been investigated, the suspicion that Guan Meiyi was the murderer seemed to have lessened a little.

Compared to Guan Meiyi who had turned off her phone and slept soundly, the He family appeared to be extremely gloomy.

Wang Xiaoman was still in a daze. Initially, after she was taken back to the He family’s mansion by He Tian’s servants, she had been feeling uneasy. She was afraid that He Tian and Li E would come back and deal with her, so she kept calling He Zhenxuan, but his phone went from not being picked up to turned off.

Wang Xiaoman was still cursing in her heart. Was He Zhenxuan dead outside? Why couldn’t she get to him.

It turned out that when she learned that He Zhenxuan was really dead, her whole person was in shock.

He Zhenxuan was dead. What about her? What about her child?