Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1399 - Do You Need Me to Elaborate on the Details

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Chapter 1399: Do You Need Me to Elaborate on the Details

“But…” the editor-in-chief was very anxious. Her relationship with Guan Meiyi was quite good, and she didn’t want her to be ruined just like that, “Right, since you’re not with that gigolo, then who’s the man who was photographed with you the next day? He can testify for you! Meiyi, who is he?”

Hearing the managing editor’s words, the police looked at Guan Meiyi with the same urgency.

Guan Meiyi shook her head, “This has nothing to do with him. He’s completely innocent. I don’t want to say who he is.”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, the managing editor got upset, “Silly girl, what is the situation now? If you say it out loud, it may prove your innocence.”

The police officer also said to Guan Meiyi sternly, “I still hope that Ms. Guan will cooperate with us and tell us everything in detail. Even if you don’t say it now, you still have to say it when we get back to the police station!”

Guan Meiyi’s attitude was always indifferent, and she was not ready to say it out. Even if she knew, if she didn’t tell, the police might still find out, “This matter has nothing to do with him. He is just an insignificant person.”

Insignificant again!

Gu Zhiqian frowned, feeling extremely unhappy. This woman was indeed stupid. At this time, she actually planned to take the blame alone?

“Humph! What are you waiting for! Guan Meiyi killed my son, the evidence is conclusive! Hurry up, take her away and lock her up! Sentence her to death!”Li E said with a hideous face.

“Meiyi… say something…”the managing editor was anxious.

Luo Kai stood behind Guan Meiyi. He remembered that Guan Meiyi had said that if it was really necessary, she would rather say that the person with her that night was him than Gu Zhiqian!

Luo Kai thought so and stepped forward, “That night… the person with sister Meiyi is…”

“It was me!”

Gu Zhiqian walked out and stood beside Guan Meiyi. He pulled Guan Meiyi into his arms and solemnly said to the police officers and everyone present, “The person who was with Guan Meiyi that night was me. I was also at the Four Seasons Hotel that day. The room was opened under the name of my former assistant, Zhao Zun. Guan Meiyi came to my room around nine o’clock. After that, she never went out until the next morning when the two of us were photographed. In other words, the man in the photo on the Internet was me!”

Luo Kai’s mouth was still moving as if he wanted to say the word “I”. He stared at Gu Zhiqian with his mouth agape. Gradually, the expression in his eyes changed, and his hands gradually held together.

Gu Zhiqian’s words caused the scene to fall into silence. But after two seconds, a huge uproar began.

Oh My God! This was simply shocking news!

Guan Meiyi was actually involved with Gu Zhiqian!

Without a doubt, the reporters in the venue today benefited all. The breaking news came one after another. At this moment, they were all on steroids, fighting for positions in order to get a better picture.

Hearing Gu Zhiqian’s words, the leading policeman frowned slightly, “The forensic examination results showed that He Zhenxuan’s death was between nine and ten o’clock. If that’s the case, Ms. Guan has an alibi.”

“Mr. Gu, what did you and Ms. Guan do in the room that night? Did Ms. Guan really not leave during the process?”

Gu Zhiqian smiled wickedly, with a hint of laziness in his smile. He said arrogantly, “What can men and women do in the room? We didn’t leave the room all night. Do you need me to elaborate on the details?”