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Chapter 1398: Who Was That Man

Today’s charity reception was a complete mess. Not only did it expose the hypocrisy of the He family, but there was also a murder case. He Zhenxuan was actually dead.

And from the looks of it, all the signs and evidence pointed to Guan Meiyi as the murderer of He Zhenxuan.

Guan Meiyi indeed had the motive to kill him. However, no one felt sorry for He Zhenxuan’s death, on the contrary, they all felt sorry for Guan Meiyi.

As the best actress who had already stood at the top of the entertainment industry, she could have had a beautiful life and a bright future, but now, because of the He family, she was very likely to be a prisoner. Wasn’t this a regrettable thing?

Seeing that Guan Meiyi was really going to be taken away by the police, Luo Kai quickly said, “Is there a misunderstanding? Sister Meiyi will never kill anyone! Never! You can’t take sister Meiyi away! She’s definitely not the murderer! I can guarantee that the murderer is someone else. It is definitely not sister Meiyi!”

“The police deal with cases based on evidence. We will not accuse a good person, and will not let go of a criminal, either!” The police answered Luo Kai and prepared to take Guan Meiyi away.

Li E shouted hysterically, “You’re the bitch’s assistant. Of course you’ll help her. She’s the only one who has a motive to kill. Who else could it be if not her? !”

“That’s right!” He Tian said in grief, “Officer, the evidence is clear. The murderer is Guan Meiyi. Now that Zhenxuan is dead, I have nothing to worry about. That night, my son, He Zhenxuan, drugged Guan Meiyi in her wine and prepared a gigolo from the shop. He was going to let that gigolo ruin her innocence so that he could take some pictures of her with the man in bed to secure a divorce. But Guan Meiyi didn’t go to that gigolo’s room that night. In other words, she wasn’t with that man that night. The people we arranged actually didn’t take a picture of her in bed. They only took a picture of her running in the corridor with another man. Therefore, officer, she has no alibi that night. She wasn’t with the gigolo. She must have gone to kill my son!”

In fact, at this moment, the police also thought that Guan Meiyi was probably the murderer. After they found He Zhenxuan’s body and confirmed the time of death, they had basically locked onto Guan Meiyi. That day, she was at the Four Seasons Hotel for a party. After she left halfway, she never returned to the party. There were witnesses who saw her and He Zhenxuan walking one after another to a certain place in the hotel. And that was the night when he got kliled.

However, as police officers and also as men, when they heard He Tian told such a dirty story, they also felt ashamed of the He family and He Zhenxuan’s death. But these had all made Guan Meiyi’s motive for killing even clearer.

Moreover, they had retrieved the hotel’s surveillance video, but they found that the surveillance equipment at the time of the incident seemed to have been tampered with, and they couldn’t find any clues that were beneficial to the case.

Guan Meiyi remained silent. She did not know how to defend herself. Her mind was a little messy right now.

At this moment, the editor-in-chief of the magazine came over, “Meiyi, say something! Say that you’re not the murderer!”

Guan Meiyi smiled faintly, “I don’t really remember what happened that night, so I don’t know what to say either.”