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Chapter 1397: There Is a Murder Case

He Zhenxuan was dead!

The police’s words were like a bomb that directly blowing up the venue.

Up until now, there was no sign of He zhenxuan. So he was actually dead!

He Tian and Li E felt as if they had been struck by lightning, unable to react for a long time.

“Who did you say was dead? who died!”Li E grabbed the police’s arm crazily and asked loudly, “Who died!”

The police knew that Li E was He Zhenxuan’s mother, so they could completely understand Li E’s extreme behavior now, “He Zhenxuan’s body was found in the Four Seasons Hotel’s garbage station. He was stabbed several times. According to the preliminary autopsy results, the time of death should be the 13th, which is the day before yesterday. “According to the phone records of He Zhenxuan’s phone, the last person he contacted was Ms. Guan Meiyi, who was at the Four Seasons Hotel on the same day. So we now have reason to suspect that Ms. Guan Meiyi is related to the case. We hope that you can cooperate with our police investigation.”

Because the case was still under investigation, the police would not reveal too much details.. But just this information alone was enough to shock everyone present.

Guan Meiyi was also immersed in shock. It turned out that He Zhenxuan died that night. Damn it, she only remembered the memory of the video broadcast. She still could not remember what happened after that, so she was not sure what she did. The only thing she remembered was that she woke up in Gu Zhiqian’s room the next morning.

Hearing the police’s words, Li E broke down on the spot and rushed towards Guan meiyi, “It was you, it was you who killed Zhenxuan! It must be you who killed Zhenxuan! Just now, you kept shouting in the video that you wanted to kill him!”

It was indeed like that, and everyone present had heard and seen it. Before the video ended, Guan Meiyi had shouted hysterically that she would definitely kill He Zhenxuan, and it turned out he did die.

Could it be that all of this was a coincidence? But that was too much of a coincidence..

Facing the crazy Li E and He Tian, Gu Zhiqian firmly blocked Guan Meiyi behind him to prevent her from being hurt.

The police also stopped the crazy Li E, “Please calm down. Before the matter is fully investigated, please don’t jump to conclusions.”

“What else is there to investigate! She admitted it in the video. She said herself that she would definitely kill Zhenxuan! And My Zhenxuan really died… he died…”Li E had already lost her mind and uttered a stifled cry.

He Tian had obviously suffered quite a blow. He Zhenxuan was his only son and now he didn’t have one anymore. He Tian glared at Guan Meiyi with his eyes so bloodshot that they were about to bleed, “Police comrade, this is the woman who killed my son. It must be this woman! You have to get her arrested ! Sentence her to death! I want her life for my son’s!”

“I’ve said it. Please don’t jump to conclusions before the investigation is done. Also, what is the video you’re talking about? Hand it over and we’ll take it back as evidence.”

The leading officer arranged for one of his men to get the video. Then, he looked at Guan Meiyi, who had calmed down. “Ms. Guan, please come with us.”

Guan Meiyi nodded. She was not that stupid to shout that she was innocent, destroying her image at the moment, because even herself was not sure of her innocence, “Okay.”

Seeing Guan Meiyi’s calm and cooperative attitude, the leading policeman looked at Guan Meiyi in a different light.