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Chapter 1391: The Shocking Scene

Gu Zhiqian’s powerful arms perfectly supported Guan Meiyi’s body and helped her to sit down in the nearest seat. He also took the opportunity to sit on the side.

Everyone saw the scene, but no one felt anything at the moment, since everyone knew that Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi were from the same company. Guan Meiyi was Ling Tianya’s cousin, and Gu Zhiqian was Ruan Zeyan’s childhood friend. It was understandable for Gu Zhiqian to take care of Guan Meiyi.

Mike, who was not far away, saw the scene and broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, no one thought much of it, and his heart was slightly relieved. But Mike was still worried, and what had worried him the most was Gu Zhiqian’s attitude towards Guan Meiyi.

Gu Zhiqian was never someone to meddle in other people’s business, and he disdained those rich and powerful families who intrigued against each other. But today, not only did he stand there and watch the escalation of the matter, he even took the initiative to help Guan Meiyi up.

Mike was unease. The outside world had always said that Gu Zhiqian was a playboy, and there were always little actresses and young models around him.

However, as Gu Zhiqian’s manager, Mike knew about him. Gu Zhiqian and those women had always been putting on a show, and he had never taken any of them seriously. And most of those women who were by his side had impure motives. Some wanted to use Gu Zhiqian to get to the top, while others coveted Gu Zhiqian’s money and status.

Even if there were a few who were interested in Gu Zhiqian and wanted to be serious about dating him, Gu Zhiqian did not take a fancy to them.

But it was not that Gu Zhiqian had never been interested in a woman. He had once been interested in one, and that woman was Ling Tianya.

However, when he found out that Ling Tianya was Ruan Zeyan’s first love, he naturally gave up. He had been depressed for a while because of this, but Mike knew that Gu Zhiqian had already got over with it and he had already considered Ling Tianya as his good friend and sister. Even if he still took advantage of Ling Tianya verbally from time to time, it was just to deliberately provoke Ruan Zeyan for fun.

Everyone knew what was going on. If Gu Zhiqian still had Ling Tianya in his heart, Ruan Zeyan wouldn’t be able to get past it.

Mike saw that Gu Zhiqian’s attitude towards Guan Meiyi was different from before. He had a clear view of the situation as a bystander, and Gu Zhiqian was now like a childish primary school student who was In front of the girl he cared about, and pretended to be cold and impatient, but in fact, he always wanted to show his presence in front of her. It was just he didn’t show his presence properly, and every time, he would use harsh words against her. So in the end, he pushed the girl go further and further away.

The more Mike thought about it, the more creepy it became.

Gu Zhiqian, it’s good that you like anyone but Guan Meiyi, can you not have anything to do with her.

But now, Gu Zhiqian couldn’t hear the wail from Mike’s heart. He was reprimanding Guan Meiyi in a cold voice, “I said, are you a fool? Don’t you know how to dodge when you see someone pushing you? Do you usually shoot those action scenes for nothing?”

Guan Meiyi wasn’t in the mood to deal with the abnormal Gu Zhiqian. She just glanced at him indifferently and didn’t say anything.

“Guan Meiyi, I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?” The man stared at Guan Meiyi, trying to suppress the irritation in his heart that was a result of being ignored by Guan Meiyi.

At this time, the lights at the scene dimmed, and the lights on the stage in front of them lit up. The charity reception officially began, and the editor-in-chief of the magazine walked up to the stage and began to speak.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule… Next, we will play a real-life video of the learning conditions of children living in war-torn countries. Some of the scenes may cause discomfort, please be patient and watch.”

At this moment, the big screen on the stage lit up.

However, unexpectedly, what shown up was not the original video, but the scene of Guan Meiyi and He Zhenxuan arguing in the Four Seasons Hotel!