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Chapter 1390: Taking My Things Back

Hearing Gu Zhiqian call him a weakling, Luo Kai’s expression froze, “I’m going to the washroom…”

“Humph! Useless!” With that, Gu Zhiqian stood aside with a long face, but he didn’t go far.

Guan Meiyi was still a little touched originally, as Gu Zhiqian was the first one to help her up at this moment. But this touching only lasted until he threw her at Luo Kai like a piece of trash.

As expected, this man was sick!

However, Gu Zhiqian felt extremely uncomfortable, especially when he saw Luo Kai’s hands on Guan Meiyi’s shoulders, his heart felt like it was being eaten by ants.

Looking at the other side, Wang Xiaoman was pushed further and further away by He Tian’s servants, but her mouth kept shouting, “I am He Zhenxuan’s woman. For such a long time, I have been living in the He family, and not even a shadow of Guan Meiyi showed up in the house. What right does she have to be Mrs. He? What right does she have to be the mother of my child! I am the biological mother of this child!”

“Cover her mouth!”Li E had already completely lost her mind now. If Wang Xiaoman continued her speech, wouldn’t it mean that she could also tell that the He family framed Guan Meiyi.

Wang Xiaoman’s mouth was covered. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t. She could only let out a whimper and was taken away by He Tian’s subordinates.

However, at this time, the scene had already begun to discuss animatedly. Everyone’s expression towards He Tian and Li E had also changed when they looked at them. The reporters at the back also began to stir. The He family’s image had collapsed, what a big news this is.

He Tian was trembling all over. His old face was twitching in anger. Li E was the first to restrain her emotions. She smiled and said to everyone, “It’s all a misunderstanding. My goddaughter is a little crazy. Everyone, don’t take it seriously. Don’t take it seriously.”

However, at this moment, no matter what Li E said, everyone present only smiled awkwardly. Who would believe her words?

Li E knew that things had reached a point where it got completely out of hand. She could only wait for the charity reception to end and then do some research on the public relations response. She was even more angry that she could not get in touch with He Zhenxuan at this critical timing. She did not know where this brat had gone to fool around again!

“I’m really sorry. My goddaughter, who is not in good spirits, has made herself such a joke in front everyone. We are all here to participate in the charity reception and do the good things. The reception is about to begin. Everyone should take their seats as soon as possible,”Li E said awkwardly and stiffly, right now, she just wanted to divert everyone’s attention as quickly as possible.

The banquet was indeed about to begin, so the guests all looked at He Tian and Li E with purposeful gaze before walking to their seats.

He Tian’s face was long and drawn out. With things turning out like this, the He family had become a joke. How could he still have the face to continue staying?

However, leaving now seemed even more embarrassing

Thus, He Tian could only force himself to sit on his seat, and Li E also sat on her seat weakly.

But Li E, who had been pretending to be a good mother-in-law previously, seemed to have forgotten to continue her show after this incident. She actually did not pay attention to Guan Meiyi, who had injured her ankle.

This action of He Tian and Li E, in the eyes of others, further confirmed the fact that the He family treated Guan Meiyi badly.

“Sister Meiyi, let’s go and sit down.”Luo Kai helped Guan Meiyi to walk forward.

However, Luo Kai was not too tall, only 1.75 meters in height, Guan Meiyi was 1.69 meters tall, and with 10-centimeter high heels, she was 1.79 meters tall, which was even taller than Luo Kai. In addition to her dress that was inlaid with rhinestone, Luo Kai only helped Guan Meiyi walk two steps before he could barely hold her, which almost caused another fall of Guan Meiyi.

“Go Away!” Gu Zhiqian finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He stepped forward and snatched Guan Meiyi from Luo Kai’s arms. It felt like he was taking back something that was rightfully his.