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Chapter 1389: A Strong and Powerful Hand

What happened !

It turned out that everything the He family had shown was fake. They didn’t like Guan Meiyi at all. He Zhenxuan wasn’t as doting on Guan Meiyi and supporting Guan Meiyi’s career as he appeared to be. Instead, he already had a mistress and was pregnant with his child.

This mistress was even more arrogant. She must have moved into the He family way back, and it was as if she didn’t put Guan Meiyi in her eyes at all. She was just trying to climb to the top by relying on her son.

Because of Guan Meiyi’s social status and celebrity effect, the He family did not want He Zhenxuan and Guan Meiyi to get a divorce. Therefore, after the news of Guan Meiyi’s affair was exposed, they deliberately showed their magnanimity and 100% trust in Guan Meiyi. The purpose was to raise the image and popularity of the He family and its family’s business, and also to make use of Guan Meiyi to gain cooperations.

The mistress originally thought that after Guan Meiyi’s marital infidelity was exposed, she would be able to get to the top. But she didn’t expect that the He family wouldn’t kick Guan Meiyi out, which made the mistress anxious. She was worried that her child would become Guan Meiyi’s child and be abused by her, so she made such a move, she wanted everyone to know that she was the mother of her child.

It was a great show from a wealthy family. It was even more exciting than a TV series or a novel.

The He family was indeed a disgrace from the inside regardless of the splendour to the outside. Now, looking at Guan Meiyi, everyone felt that she was a little pitiful.

She couldn’t get the love of her in-laws, the care from her husband, and she was threatened by the mistress. Even the servants of the He family ignored her. It was unexpected that despite her glamorous appearance to the outside, she was suffering all these from the He family. No wonder she wanted to have an affair. After all, she was a woman and needed someone to care for her.

He Tian and Li E only wanted Wang Xiaoman to shut up and leave this place as soon as possible. They had no time to care about Guan Meiyi who had sprained her ankle and was sitting on the ground unable to get up.

Seeing how cold the two of them were towards Guan Meiyi, the people present were even more certain of their previous thoughts. Their feelings towards the two of them became even more contemptuous.

At this moment, Guan Meiyi, who was slumped on the ground, could clearly feel the changes of public opinion in the surrounding. She sneered in her heart. It seemed that she had achieved the effect she wanted.

In order to make herself look even more helpless, Guan Meiyi supported herself on the ground and tried to stand up. bearing the pain. Initially, she just wanted to show that her ankle was in pain, and she couldn’t stand up even if she wanted to.

However, just as she exerted force on her injured ankle, a wave of piercing pain followed.

God Damn It. There was no need to pretend this time. It really hurt, and she really couldn’t get up.

At this moment, a pair of strong and powerful hands suddenly appeared and grabbed her shoulders, lifting her whole body up.

Guan Meiyi turned her head in surprise and saw Gu Zhiqian with a cold and angry face.

She was stunned, “Gu Zhiqian…”

Gu Zhiqian glared at Guan Meiyi. This stupid woman, how could you be so stupid! She was injured and couldn’t stand up. She didn’t even ask for help and was still holding on by herself.

Luo Kai had originally told Guan Meiyi that he needed to go to the washroom. But, he received a work call in the washroom and was delayed until now.

When he returned, he saw Guan Meiyi sitting on the ground, paralyzed. Just as he was about to walk over to help her up, he saw Gu Zhiqian had already helped her up with a cold expression on his face.

Luo Kai’s eyes darkened and he quickly ran over, “Best Actor Gu, let me help sister Meiyi up.”

Gu Zhiqian looked at Luo Kai with a chilling face and threw Guan Meiyi to Luo Kai as if she was a piece of trash, “You weakling, where did you go? !”