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Chapter 1388: Had Never Been So Shameful

Seeing that He Tian was so mad that he directly called people to take Wang Xiaoman away, Li E was actually a bit worried about the baby in Wang Xiaoman’s belly. So she said to those people, “You guys know the limits. The child is more important.”

Those people nodded and then walked toward Wang Xiaoman.

Seeing that she was about to be driven away, Wang Xiaoman hadn’t finished what she wanted to say, so she couldn’t leave just like that.

Therefore, Wang Xiaoman shouted while avoiding those people, “I’m carrying He Zhenxuan’s child in my belly. I’m the mother of this child!”

“Shut up!”He Tian was furious. He wanted to strangle Wang Xiaoman to death.

Seeing that those people were about to catch her, Wang Xiaoman pushed the people around her out of desperation without looking at who was next to her.

It turned out to be Guan Meiyi who was standing next to Wang Xiaoman, and was pushed out by her without any preparation, and she directly bumped into those people. Guan Meiyi was wearing ten-centimeter high heels. With one push and one hit, she fell and immediately sprained her ankle.

He Tian’s subordinates had been influenced by him that he didn’t take Guan Meiyi seriously, so they didn’t take her seriously either. Moreover, they didn’t know how to act. He Tian ordered them to take Wang Xiaoman away, so the target was Wang Xiaoman. Even if Guan Meiyi bumped into them, they only pushed Guan Meiyi away. They didn’t seem to care about her falling down.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, they saw a lot of clues.

Wang Xiaoman could push Guan meiyi away without any scruples. And He Tian’s subordinates also turned a blind eye to Guan Meiyi’s fall, so no one cared that shetwisted her ankle and sat on the ground.

It seemed that the He family was in deep water. Those so-called harmony might be fake.

No wonder Guan Meiyi didn’t say a word from the moment she came in. She just quietly followed He Tian and Li E. even when she saw the pregnant woman come in, she didn’t say a word, and her face kept at a mechanical smile.

Guan Meiyi’s position in the He family was probably not very high, so the He family’s servants even turned a blind eye to her fall.

Guan Meiyi sat on the ground paralyzed, enduring the intense pain from her ankle. She cursed in her heart. She didn’t expect Wang Xiaoman to be so arrogant and dare to push her in public.

The expressions of the people around were obviously changing. At this moment, this place had become the focus of the whole crowd.

Wang Xiaoman was finally caught by those people. She struggled and shouted, “Mom, dad, you can’t treat me like this! “I’m the mother of the child, I’m not a little nanny. “I was with He Zhenxuan before I even graduated from college and now gave birth to his child. “Did you guys also say that Guan Meiyi married into the He family for so many years and not even gave birth to an egg? Didn’t you also look forward to the baby in my belly? “Guan Meiyi has such a big accident now, she even slept with another man! “Why don’t you let her divorce He Zhenxuan! “Let me marry him and give my child a complete family! “Don’t give my child to Guan Meiyi. She will definitely abuse my baby!”

Wang Xiaoman was anxious and didn’t know what to say. She said whatever that came to her mind, but she didn’t know that her words were tantamount to betraying the He family.

The uproar and discussion at the scene was getting louder and louder. He Tian had never been so shameful before.