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Chapter 1386: Baby of The He Family

The bald man looked at He Tian with interests, “This so-called daughter just came out out of blue, couldn’t she be born out there unknowingly because you betrayed Li E?”

Although the bald man’s tone sounded like he was joking, everyone present knew that He Tian originally only had one son. Now that he suddenly had a daughter, it must be an illegitimate daughter.

He Tian and Li E’s faces looked extremely bad. He Tian glared at the bald man with hatred, but he could not be angry now. The bald man’s tone sounded like he was joking. If he got upset and really retorted back, there might not be any cooperation in the future.

However, if he did not explain, he would not be able to maintain his integrity. Why would there suddenly be an illegitimate daughter? There were still reporters filming at the back. If this was reported, it would be hard to say how many rumours could go on.

Li E smiled mockingly, “Sorry for making a fool of myself. Old Mr. He and I indeed only have one son, Zhenxuan. Xiao Man is our goddaughter. “She used to be our family’s nanny, but I really like her, so I took her as my goddaughter. “Recently, she got pregnant, so I brought her home to raise the fetus. After all, I can take care of her by my side just in our house .”As she said this, Li E looked at the bald man seriously, “What illegitimate daughter? Old Wang, you really know how to joke. If those reporters really got this out, would our He family’s reputation be ruined?”

Hearing Li E’s explanation, the bald man looked resentful and didn’t say anything else.

Li E’s words could be considered to have explained the illegitimate daughter’s matter. Since she was an adopted daughter and claimed to be a member of the He family, there was nothing wrong with her calling them parents.

“Damn, I didn’t expect that your He family not only treat your daughter-in-law well, but also treat your goddaughter so well!”

“That’s right, old He, you’re really a kind and generous parent!”

“In my opinion, Li E is the real good one. She doesn’t have any bias on class that even the little nanny at home would be acknowledged as her goddaughter, and she even treated her as her own child. As for me, I also have two daughters at home. You can acknowledge them as your goddaughters as well !”

Li E quickly smiled and agreed, “Sure, just let your two daughters come to my house. From now on, they will be my daughters. You better not be reluctant to part with them when the time comes.”

Because of Li E’s few words, the situation was successfully saved. Everyone even began to praise He Tian and Li E.

He Tian’s face finally changed into a smile, but he kept glaring at Wang Xiaoman from the corner of his eyes.

Li E also pulled Wang Xiaoman, “Let’s go, Xiaoman. Let’s go home. If there’s anything, we’ll talk about it when we get home.”

Li E’s hand pulled Wang Xiaoman strongly and forced her out as if to warn her that if she didn’t leave, she would teach her a lesson.

Wang Xiaoman received the warning from Li E and He Tian, but since she dared to come, she had already thought of the result. She had to let everyone know that the child in her belly was He Zhenxuan’s, that she was the child’s mother, and that Guan Meiyi was nothing!

So, she couldn’t leave. She took so much efforts to get in, so she couldn’t leave just now!

“Mom, don’t pinch me. My arm hurts.” Wang Xiaoman immediately said, feeling wronged.

Wang Xiaoman’s words immediately made Li E’s face stiffen. Everyone looked at Wang Xiaoman’s arm, and sure enough, they saw Li E scratching Wang Xiaoman’s arm with her nails.

Li E immediately withdrew her hand embarrassedly. “Oh, Xiaoman, I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t…”

Wang Xiaoman nodded understandingly, “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, mom. You’re also worried about the child in my belly. After all, he is the baby of your He family.”