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Chapter 1383: The Charity Banquet

The charity banquet in the everning was organized by a well-known fashion magazine in the country. Every year, the magazine would invite many well-known figures and celebrities from the business and entertainment sector to attend.

Celebrities usually would not reject this kind of charity cocktail party.

Before Guan Meiyi came, she had already made arrangements with the He family to enter the venue together. Tonight, Guan Meiyi was wearing a pure white evening gown with a rhinestone inlaid on the hem of the gown. In the dark night, the reflection of the moonlight, the lights, and the flashes had made Guan Meiyi look like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world.

On the left side of Guan Meiyi were Li E and He Tian who had come with her. Guan Meiyi supported Li E with her hand but did not interact with Li E or He Tian during the whole process. She just reached out her hand and smiled at the media reporters and her fans.

Guan Meiyi was already a well-known female artiste with her name all over the headlines. Every time she walked on the red carpet, she would not be able to leave without 8 or 10 minutes of stay.

Now that such an explosive incident like her marital infidelity just happened, her public appearance on the red carpet of a charity reception would naturally have the reporters unwillingly let her go. They held up their cameras and took pictures of her across the safety handrail.

Moreover, what the reporters didn’t expect was that Guan Meiyi was accompanied by the He Corporation’s chairman and his wife. Although the three of them didn’t interact much, their behaviour was still considered intimate. Did this demonstrate the He family’s response to Guan Meiyi’s infidelity?

When they saw the three of them appear at the same time, the atmosphere of the red carpet was immediately lit up. However, these reporters standing on the red carpet were not qualified to enter the inner court for interviews. Only a portion of the reporters were eligible to get inside for interviews.

Here, the reporters at the interview area inside heard that Guan Meiyi, Li E and He Tian had come together. They were already rubbing their fists and getting ready for the interview.

Gu Zhiqian had just finished the interview at the inner site. As Mike had already informed the reporters beforehand, Gu Zhiqian would not answer anything that had nothing to do with him, so he was not asked about Guan Meiyi’s affair.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard the reporters talking.

That crazy woman actually came with the He family! What was she thinking! Gu Zhiqian was just trying to calm himself down when Guan Meiyi walked in.

Seeing that Guan Meiyi was followed by Li E and He Tian without He Zhenxuan, Gu Zhiqian’s expression was slightly better.

Mike saw Guan Meiyi come in and quickly pulled Gu Zhiqian inside. Mike always thought that although Guan Meiyi said that this was her own matter and would not implicate Gu Zhiqian, he still did not want Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi to have too much interaction in public.

At this time, the reporters had already swamped in to interview Guan Meiyi and the He family. However, Guan Meiyi did not say a word throughout the entire process, but simply watched Li E and He Tian’s performance.

The two of them were surrounded by the reporters. They answered the reporters’ questions as they had rehearsed previously. Their words fully reflected their love for Guan meiyi, their daughter-in-law, as well as their trust in Guan Meiyi.

Li E completely acted as a good mother-in-law in front of the media. She held Guan Meiyi’s arms with both of her hands and called her ‘our Meiyi’ affectionately.

After He Tian expressed his trust in Guan Meiyi, he bragged about his company again.