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Chapter 1380: You Lose once You get Serious (9)

Wang Xiaoman kept calling He Zhenxuan on her way back to the He family’s manor, but no one answered. This was not the first time she had encountered such a situation after being with He Zhenxuan.

He Zhenxuan often went out for a few days with no news of him. However, it was not because he was in danger, it was just him secretly went to other cities for fun.

Wang Xiaoman only found out later that He Zhenxuan was such a promiscuous person. But her heart had long been filled with her own vanity. After a short period of sadness, she got over with it. As long as she could marry He Zhenxuan and become Mrs. He, she didn’t care about anything else.

Wang Xiaoman returned to the He family’s manor. As soon as she opened the door and entered in, she saw He Tian and Li E sitting in the living room.

“Where have you been? Why did you come back at this time?”Li E came up and scolded at Wang Xiaoman in a bad tone.

“I… I went out for a walk.”Wang Xiaoman looked at Li E with her innocent eyes, not understanding why she was angry. In the past, Wang Xiaoman often went out for a walk. and sometimes Li E would even accompany her. Why was she so abnormal today.

This time, Li E didn’t speak up, it was He Tian now, “Don’t go out for the next two days. Stay in the house obediently. In two days, I’ll send you out for the good of the babt. You should pack up your things in the meantime. That woman, Guan Meiyi, is coming back to stay for a while.”

Wang Xiaoman felt wronged and indignant. She bit her lips and stood there, “Does Zhenxuan know about this? Will he agree to let Guan Meiyi, that actress, come back to stay?”

“This is about the He family. Why would Zhenxuan not agree?” He Tian also knew that Wang Xiaoman must be feeling wronged, so his voice softened a little, “Don’t worry, letting Guan Meiyi come back and live here is just for the public to see. “When this matter blows over and the He family established the magnanimous image to the public, we will return to the previous states that Guan Meiyi is just the nominal daughter-in-law of the He family.”

Wang Xiaoman didn’t believe He Tian’s words at all. And she could tell that He Tian was talking about going back to the pervious situation.

What was the previous situation? That was Guan Meiyi would always be He Zhenxuan’s wife ito the public. Only Guan Meiyi was qualified to attend events related to the He family as Mrs. He. Wang Xiaoman, on the other hand, would always be a little nanny that couldn’t be seen in the public. In the future, her child would call Guan Meiyi mom not her.

How could He Zhenxuan have an illegitimate child in a hypocritical family like this that only paid attention to appearances?

At that time, as long as Guan Meiyi faded from the public’s sight for a period of time, and reappeared claiming that the baby she gave birth to was hers.

As for the age of the child, according to the He family’s power, it could be completely forged…

The more Wang Xiaoman thought about it, the more frightened she became, and the more reluctant she turned. She was the one pregnant for ten months, why should she let Guan Meiyi take all the credits and she get nothing!

Seeing that Wang Xiaoman didn’t say anything and just stood there, He Tian also lost his patience, “This matter is settled. You should quickly pack your things! The current situation is in the teeth of the storm. If the reporters take pictures of you, a pregnant woman going in and out, it will be very ugly. You should leave tomorrow.”

Wang Xiaoman didn’t answer. She turned around and ran up the stairs.