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Chapter 1378: You Lost once You get Serious (7)

Returning to her apartment, Guan Meiyi’s mood was unusually relaxed. She took a joyful bath in the bathroom.

From the moment she saw Wang Xiaoman at the He family, and the little girl blocked her from entering the door, looked at her with pride and determination.

Guan Meiyi knew that this little girl would become the key person for her to completely get rid of the He family.

One of them desperately wanted to leave, while the other desperately wanted to get in, so why not help each other?

However, Wang Xiaoman was too self-righteous. If Guan Meiyi didn’t give her some stimulation, she probably wouldn’t figure out her position in the He family for a while.

Moreover, Wang Xiaoman was very greedy for money and status, and she had been immersed in the fantasy of a Cinderella becoming the princess consort.

However, He Zhenxuan was not that prince, and there was no Cinderella in reality. In this society, which Cinderella became a princess consort just because she danced? Which one of them did not make their constant efforts to become outstanding enough to have the qualifications, standing by the Prince’s side before turning into a Princess consort?

What’s more, if a woman had went through all the hard work, obtained success, and become outstanding enough eventually. They would not care about those so-called princes. They could totally become their own queen.

At that time, they only needed to be themselves. And there would be princes and even kings who would bow down to them one after another naturally.

However, Wang Xiaoman did not seem to understand this logic at all. She only wanted to take the shortcut from the end. But how many people would have a happy ending if they took such a shortcut?

From the looks of it, Wang Xiaoman’s identity as the daughter of the so-called mining tycoon was probably fake as well.

But who cares about her. Guan Meiyi didn’t care about it at all. She just wanted the final result to be what she wanted.

After taking a bath, Guan Meiyi walked out with a long men’s cotton t-shirt, which she had learned from Ling Tianya.

One time when she went to look for Ling Tianya and saw many men’s T-shirts like that in her closet. She was a little curious, because Ruan Zeyan never wore such clothes. What was Ling Tianya doing with so many men’s clothes?

But Ling Tianya said that those were her pajamas, and they were very comfortable to wear.

Guan Meiyi was standing in front of the dressing table, drying her hair when the sound of things moving around came from next door.

It was strange..

The next door was empty, and no one lived there. Moreover, those who could live in this apartment were all first-tier artistes of Zhi Ya Entertainment. Could it be that someone had actually moved in next door?

Guan Meiyi was a little curious about who had moved in. There were only two rooms on this floor. Everyone would be neighbours later on, so it was better to greet them.

When she opened the door, it turned out that she saw Gu Zhiqian leaning against the wall, watching the inferiors of him move his luggages and supplies into the room with a poker face.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Gu Zhiqian looked up and saw Guan Meiyi with wet hair, wearing only a man’s t-shirt.

The man’s face instantly darkened, staring at Guan Meiyi with a cold expression.

Guan Meiyi was also speechless. She did heard that Gu Zhiqian also had his own apartment here, but she didn’t expect it to be the one next to hers.

Seeing Gu Zhiqian’s face was pulled so long after seeing her, Guan Meiyi thought that this man didn’t want to see her.

So without saying a word, she directly closed the door.

Gu Zhiqian,”…”

What does this woman mean by closing the door right after she sees me!

What does she mean!