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Chapter 1377: You Lost once You get Serious (6)

But even after knowing that He Zhenxuan had a wife, Wang Xiaoman still kept in touch with him.

Later, He Zhenxuan seemed to think highly of her after knowing that her family operated mines. Since her pregnancy, he brought her directly to the He family. By then Wang Xiaoman found out that He Zhenxuan and Guan Meiyi had separated a long time ago and their relationship was not good at all.

All of these had created ripples in Wang Xiaoman’s heart that she wanted more. She wanted to be He Zhenxuan’s wife. She wanted to be Mrs. He.

Moreover, she naively thought that as long as she married He Zhenxuan and gave birth to their child, even if the fact that she was not the daughter of a mining tycoon was exposed, He Zhenxuan would not went after it anymore. As for her classmates, they would only envy her, the Cinderella who had become a phoenix. Who would care if she lied.

Originally, Wang Xiaoman’s idea was very well-thought and she had made up her mind to it.

But ever since she first met Guan Meiyi, things seemed to develop in the direction that she did not want to see the most.

Just now, when she faced Guan Meiyi again and heard all her words, she completely broke down.

Wang Xiaoman was no longer rational, and an irrational woman is capable of anything unreasonable.

Wang Xiaoman slowly stood up and walked to the side of Guan Meiyi’s seat. She touched her stomach and said to Guan Meiyi viciously, “Didn’t you say that the He family only cared about my belly? What would they think if they knew that my baby was hurt or injured because of you, Guan Meiyi?”

Seeing that Wang Xiaoman was stupid enough to use her belly to threaten her, Guan Meiyi lazily raised her eyes, “It seems that I have overestimated you. You are still too young. “Your only bargaining chip is your stomach. Are you going to bet with your only bargaining chip now? “Aren’t you afraid that you will lose the bet? “You have to know that if your baby is gone, you will be useless to He Zhenxuan and the He family, “As she said that.., Guan Meiyi’s hand with her polished fingernails slowly reaching toward Wang Xiaoman’s stomach and rubbing it, “Besides, even if I really have you lose your baby, so what? “Do you think the He family will let He Zhenxuan divorce me because of this? “If you don’t believe me, you can try and I can help you. “Instead of letting you bargain with your belly all day long, why don’t I just get rid of it for you, and it will be all over.”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, Wang Xiaoman instantly woke up. She was so scared that she rapidly covered her stomach and stepped back, looked at Guan Meiyi in horror.

Guan Meiyi’s expression relaxed. She slowly had her hands back and put on her glasses and hat, “Okay, I’ve wasted enough time with you. I have to go now.”

Guan Meiyi stood up, “Oh, right, you should drink more milk. so the baby can look more pale and alike me.and.”

After saying that, Guan Meiyi left.

Wang Xiaoman stood there trembling. She had already applied for a suspension from school and told her classmates that her family had introduced her to a rich young master. She was going home to get married.

If she couldn’t get anything, and her baby can’t even call her mom after born, and she could only stay at the He family as a nanny. Or rather, the He family sent her out for miscarriage prevention. After giving birth, they took the baby back to the He family and made it Guan Meiyi’s child. She could only live outside without a name or status. What if she was gradually forgotten over time?

No… she had already made a desperate attempt to marry He Zhenxuan, no matter what, she had to get into the He family and get married with He Zhenxuan!