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Chapter 1376: You Lose once You get Serious (5)

“That’s bullshit… this is my baby. I gave birth to this child how come it becomes yours!”Wang Xiaoman’s rhythm had been completely disrupted by Guan Meiyi, and now her emotions had been taken away by her as well.

Compared to Wang Xiaoman’s malevolence, Guan Meiyi’s smile was calm, “Am I talking nonsense? Don’t you know what you’re talking about? The He family is doing everything they can to have me back. Do you think anyone can become the He family’s daughter-in-law? It’s impossible! “Oh right, I heard from He Zhenxuan’s mom that your family is doing mining businesses?”

Wang Xiaoman’s expression froze. For some reason, she didn’t have enough confidence to speak up, “So what?”

“Nothing much.”Guan Meiyi shook her head, “I just wanted to say that since your family runs a mine, you can be considered the daughter of a rich family. Although you can’t compare to the He family’s money and status, you should have been brought up rich when you were little. What would your parents think if they knew that you were a mistress and that you were pregnant? “Or did your parents know about this already? “Then I’m really curious about your parents’worldview. Your family isn’t poor, and you’re not ugly. “Maybe if you work harder, you can marry a man who’s even better than He Zhenxuan. Why would they agree to let you get pregnant and have children with a married man before you even graduated from college?”

Wang Xiaoman’s face turned pale because of Guan Meiyi’s words. She was not the daughter of a mining tycoon. It was just a lie that she made up so that her college classmates would not look down on her. In fact, her family was very poor. All of the money was used for her college.

It was such a realistic society now, that if she said her family was poor, even though her classmates would not say anything upfront, they would definitely isolate her and look down on her.

Therefore, in the early days of university, she said that her family was running a mining company. She did not expect that such a lie would actually make her popular among her classmates. There were even many boys who pursued her.

She had originally thought that since she had no money at all. How could she justify this matter. But she then realized that she did not need to spend money at all, as those boys who were pursuing her were afraid that she, as the daughter of a mining tycoon, would look down on them, they spent money on her recklessly.

Gradually, Wang Xiaoman was lost in this empty life and unable to extricate herself. Until one time, she met He Zhenxuan in a nightclub.

This man was much better than those pursuers from school, and he was also much richer.

That day, she was wearing a new white dress which made her look very pure and innocent. He Zhenxuan seemed to like this kind of girl, and he soon noticed her.

She told He Zhenxuan that it was her first time coming to this kind of place, so she was not used to it. Then He Zhenxuan pulled her to his side very gentlemanly, and the people around him were very respectful to her for his sake. This kind of feeling opened up Wang Xiaoman’s new understanding of wealth and status. Therefore, that night, she slept with He Zhenxuan half-declining and half-accepting.

Fortunately enough that she had always maintained her virginity. After it was done, He Zhenxuan saw the blood on the bed sheet and was very happy. He said that she would be by his side from now on.

Wang Xiaoman thought that she was finally going to fly to the top of the tree and become a phoenix. However, she now knew that He Zhenxuan had a wife and his wife was the famous Guan Meiyi.