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Chapter 1375: You Lose once You get Serious (4)

Guan Meiyi chuckled and asked Wang Xiaoman in return, “Why not? I’m He Zhenxuan’s legal wife. Isn’t it natural for me to go back to the He family?”

Wang Xiaoman’s pitiful face couldn’t hold on any longer. She finallly revealed her true face and said, “But He Zhenxuan doesn’t love you at all!”

“Does he love you?”

Guan Meiyi’s words made Wang Xiaoman choke.

“He Zhenxuan only loves himself.” Guan Meiyi continued. She didn’t care what kind of malicious expression Wang Xiaoman was giving her at the moment.

“I have He Zhenxuan’s child!” Wang Xiaoman continued to say unreconciled.

“It’s just a child. You can have it, others can have it, and any woman who is capable of pregnancy can have it. So what are you proud of?” Guan Meiyi’s words were full of disdain for Wang Xiaoman, “In other words, there are many women who can give birth to He Zhenxuan’s child, but I am the only Mrs. He!”

Wang Xiaoman was about to die from anger. Although Guan Meiyi didn’t say it explicitly, the hidden meaning in her words was that she, Wang Xiaoman, was just a tool for delivering He Zhenxuan’s baby. Moreover, she wasn’t necessarily the only tool. In this world, as long as a woman could give birth to a child, any woman who was willing to give birth to He Zhenxuan’s child could become this tool!

Wang Xiaoman was unwilling to give up. Her slender fingers dug tightly on the table. “Don’t you know that the He family is the one who committed your marital infidelity and was photographed you with another man?”

“I know.”Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows indifferently.

Guan Meiyi’s answer refreshed Wang Xiaoman’s understanding once again, “Since you know, why aren’t you angryat all? Not only are you not getting a divorce, but you also want to move back in!”

“Why should I be angry?” Guan Meiyi looked at Wang Xiaoman with a frustrated look, “The He family did this because they didn’t want me to divorce He Zhenxuan. They were trying to keep me, just the method was a bit too extreme. However, I didn’t lose out. First of all, I don’t really remember what happened last night. Secondly, I realized that I have feelings for He Zhenxuan after I found out about this. “If that’s the case, why should I get a divorce?”

“I don’t believe you! You’re lying!” Wang Xiaoman’s voice became hysterical.

“You can think whatever you want. It doesn’t matter to me what you think.” Guan Meiyi thought that her face must be full of an unbearable expression that could have someone die from angry.

As expected, Wang Xiaoman was trembling all over. Obviously, she was very angry.

“I… I’m pregnant with He Zhenxuan’s child. I don’t believe that you don’t care. If it’s really like what you said that you still have feelings for He Zhenxuan and you have to go back to the He family. “Can you tolerate another woman giving birth to your husband’s child?” Wang Xiaoman looked at Guan Meiyi with a ferocious look, “So, I advise you to divorce He Zhenxuan and stay away from the He family!”

After hearing Wang Xiaoman’s words, Guan Meiyi put on a big smile on her face, “Little sister, you’re still too young. The baby in your belly is all the He family ever wanted from the beginning to the end. As for you… He Zhenxuan’s father told me in front of you that even if you stay in the He family, you can only be a nanny. What does this mean? Does this mean that the He family doesn’t take you seriously at all? When I said I wanted to go back, they immediately asked you to move out, didn’t they?”

Seeing that Wang Xiaoman’s expression turned more ghastly, Guan Meiyi continued, “The truth is, as long as you dare to give birth, I dare to take care of the baby! To the outside, the mother of this baby in future can only be me, Guan Meiyi!”