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Chapter 1374: You Lose once You get Serious (3)

Guan Meiyi was sitting in the moving nanny van, resting with her eyes closed. Luo Kai sat on the other side and said with concern, “Sister Meiyi, that woman must be up to no good by calling you at this time. It’s better not to see her.”

Guan Meiyi sneered with her eyes closed, “She’s just a female student who hasn’t graduated yet. Is she capable of eating me alive?”

“But…”Luo Kai was still worried.

“But what? Wang Xiaoman’s biggest bargaining chip is her pregnancy. Do you really think that she would use her fetus to do something dangerous to frame me like in a period drama? If she did, then she’s really stupid.”

Guan Meiyi’s tone was relaxed. She didn’t care at all.

At this time, the car had stopped at the entrance of a coffee shop. Guan Meiyi opened her eyes, put on her hat and glasses.

“Sister Meiyi, let me go in with you. If that woman is really irrational or does something bad to you, I can still take the blame for you.” Luo Kai said anxiously.

Guan Meiyi smiled and rubbed Luo Kai’s soft hair, “No need. Wait for me in the car.”

Then, Guan Meiyi got out of the car and entered the cafe.

Luo Kai was stunned and still couldn’t react. He put his hand on the top of his head as if the temperature of Guan Meiyi’s palm was still on it.

In the cafe, Wang Xiaoman sat there with a long face, and a glass of milk in front of her. The milk was still steaming, forming a sharp contrast with the cold and low-pressure outside.

She actually did not like milk. But ever since she was pregnant, she had started drinking milk. She did not like to eat fruit either, but with her pregnancy, she also started eating fruit.

In short, as long as they were good for her body, she still forced herself to put the food that she disliked in the past into her mouth, all for the sake of the child in her belly.

All of this was like a gamble. Her chip was the child. She was already qualified to sit at the gambling table, so she had to win, and she had to win beautifully.

Therefore, she would not allow anyone to stand in her way to become Mrs. He !

The sound of high heels hitting the ground could be heard. When Wang Xiaoman looked up, the expression on her face had already changed into a different one.

Guan meiyi walked over and sat down. She looked at Wang Xiaoman’s miserable and helpless look.

“Don’t look at me like that. Others who don’t know us, will think that I’m bullying you.” Guan Meiyi said faintly. She did not fall for Wang Xiaoman’s act of being miserable.

The waiter came over and directly brought a cup of black coffee to Guan Meiyi.

Wang Xiaoman said, “I read on the Internet that coffee is your favourite. I think that since you’re a female artiste, and most female artistes drink coffee without sugar or milk, so they can maintain their figure.”

Guan Meiyi glanced at the cup of black Coffee and said to Wang Xiaoman, “Unfortunately, it’s a waste of Miss Wang’s thoughtfulness. I just happen to like mocha coffee with milk and chocolate syrup.”

Wang Xiaoman’s face changed,”Let’s have another cup then.”

“No need.” Guan Meiyi waved the waiter away and took off her hat and glasses, “I didn’t come here to have a cup of coffee with you. Let’s get straight to the point. My time is precious.” Guan Meiyi said as she pursed her lips and smiled, “I have to rush to work and prepare to move back to the He family. In short, I don’t have much time to waste here.”

Guan Meiyi’s words made Wang Xiaoman’s face stiffen, “You… you really want to move back to the He family?”