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Chapter 1373: You Lost once You get Serious (2)

Guan Meiyi’s eyes were filled with disdain. He Tian was obviously giving her a carrot and stick, and it was apparently a fake one.

Previously, when Guan Meiyi was at the He family, He Tian never spoke to her in such a tone.

To put it bluntly, He Tian was still afraid of the so-called evidence that Guan Meiyi had on He Zhenxuan. In other words, in his heart, he hoped to maintain his previous state.

It was, in his words, for Guan Meiyi to continue as He Zhenxuan’s wife in name, relying on her reputation to help the He family pull in some businesses. At the same time, Guan Meiyi could not meddle in He Zhenxuan’s affairs.

Guan Meiyi sneered in her heart and continued, “I was thinking that since such a big thing has happened, in order to save my popularity, I want to temporarily come back to the He family to live.”

“You want to come back to stay?” He Tian rolled his eyes and thought about it. It would be good for Guan Meiyi to come back to stay. This way, the outside world would think that the He family was very magnanimous, so he immediately made the decision, “Okay, you can come back and stay in Zhenxuan’s room.”

Guan Meiyi raised her eyebrows slightly, “But, if I go back, what about Miss Wang…”

“She…” He Tian then turned his attention to Wang Xiaoman who was at the side. He saw Wang Xiaoman pretending to be delicate and charming, and afraid of being abandoned. Her two small hands touched her belly, reminding He Tian that.., she was carrying the child of your He family.

Wang Xiaoman originally thought that when He Tian saw her like this, he would take her child into consideration and reject Guan Meiyi. However, what Wang Xiaoman didn’t know was that in He Tian’s mind, the He family’s business and reputation were much more important than that child. There were many women outside, and Wang Xiaoman wasn’t the only one who could carry on the He family’s bloodline. It was just that Wang Xiaoman was lucky, or perhaps this girl was smarter. Other women had been with He Zhenxuan for so long but never get pregnant. However, with only a few times, she was pregnant already.

He Tian didn’t take Wang Xiaoman’s showing of weakness seriously at all. He spoke directly into the phone, “You don’t have to worry about Xiaoman. At the moment, she’s announced to the public that she’s the janitor hired by the He family. If it really doesn’t work out, let her move out and live for a while.”

He Tian’s words directly made Wang Xiaoman’s heart drop to the bottom.

No, since she was staying in the He family, she definitely couldn’t leave from here!

After ending the call with Guan Meiyi, He Tian casually threw the phone on the coffee table. Li E immediately asked, “How is it? What did the opera jokery say?”

He Tian smiled with satisfaction, “She said she won’t divorce and still wants to come back to stay.”

“She wants to come back and live here?” Li E looked at Wang Xiaoman, ” If she’s back. what about Xiaoman?”

“What do you mean, what about Xiaoman? We set up a trap to frame Guan Meiyi in the hope that we can restrain her.”It was a good thing that they didn’t get a divorce now. She was smart enough that she wanted to come back. Since she wanted to do so, we could just let her. She is Zhenxuan’s wife with all is said and done. As for Xiaoman, just find a place for her outside for her miscarriage prevention. After all, the current situation is in the teeth of the storm. If the media catches a pregnant woman coming in and out of our He family, it will be hard to explain.” He Tian said inadvertently.

Li E could only nod her head when she heard He Tian’s words, and then she frowned. “What’s going on with Zhenxuan? Why can’t I get reach to him? I don’t know where he’s fooling around!”

“Call him again. It’s such an important time right now. How he could be missing as a husband himself. Why hasn’t the He family made a statement yet? How can they make a statement if they can’t find He Zhenxuan himself ? “Don’t tell me that we two elders have to go out and make a statement on this! “Hurry up and look for him!”

He Tian and Li E began to look for He Zhenxuan. No one paid attention to Wang Xiaoman anymore.

Wang Xiaoman clenched her fists tightly. She was pregnant now, but He Zhenxuan still hung around outside! And that Guan Meiyi, why didn’t she properly choose to get a divorce? Why did she have to take advantage of the situation and come back to stay? Why couldn’t her be kicked out!

That’s not going to happen. Since she had already moved in, she definitely wouldn’t leave and she definitely wanted the title as Mrs. He!