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Chapter 1372: You Lose once You get Serious (1)

“Mr. He, don’t you know that the phone has a recording function? I have recorded everything you said just now, not a single word missing. Tell me, if I release this recording, will it be beneficial to me?”

Guan Meiyi’s tone was brisk. She had already used the term “Mr. He” to call He Tian for a long time. For Guan Meiyi, He Zhenxuan barely had anything to do with her, let alone his parents.

Obviously, He Tian didn’t expect Guan Meiyi to say that. His face fell with her words and the corners of his lips twitched. He wanted to curse Guan Meiyi, but he was afraid of her words.

After half a minute of silent confrontation, He Tian said, “Guan Meiyi, you don’t have to play any mysteries. I didn’t say anything unusual. Even if you did the recording and released it, I would still have an explanation. Don’t threaten me!” He Tian paused and continued, “You cheated in your marriage and you are sorry to the He family. I’m giving you a chance on behalf of the He family! Don’t be ungrateful!”

Obviously, He Tian said that last sentence on purpose. Although he said that he didn’t care, he was actually afraid of Guan Meiyi’s recording. That was why he intentionally said that last sentence.

Hearing He Tian’s words, Guan Meiyi suddenly laughed.

“Guan Meiyi, what are you laughing at!” He Tian’s patience had reached to the limit.

Guan Meiyi also knew that she had provoked He Tian enough, so she sighed lightly, “Well, I admit that you’re right. Since such a thing has happened, maybe not getting a divorce is the best way.”

He Tian suddenly raised his eyebrows, but the expression on his face didn’t change in time, so his face became a bit awkward and stiff, “What did you say?”

“I said, I’ve already thought it through. I’m not getting a divorce.”

“Not… not getting a divorce?” He Tian did not expect Guan Meiyi to change so quickly, “Then what did you mean by recording my words just now?”

Guan Meiyi’s lips curved into a contemptuous smile, but her words were full of sincerity, “I was just scared by your voice and tone, Mr. He. Besides, I didn’t record anything. I was just saying.”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, He Tian’s expression suddenly turned better. “So, you’ve decided not to divorce?”

Wang Xiaoman, who was sitting at the side and had no sense of presence at all, now heard He Tian’s words and immediately raised her head and widened her eyes. She was unable to hide the reluctance in her eyes.

Guan Meiyi’s eyes rolled with a fluid glance. While admiring her beautiful fingernails, she pretended to be gentle and wronged as she said to He Tian, “Actually, I don’t want to divorce He Zhenxuan either. “When I first married He Zhenxuan, I wanted to live a good life with him. “It’s just that he has never liked me… I’m also a woman with self-respect. Since I can’t get my husband to love me, then I’ll just stay away from him… but if possible, I also want to become the real Mrs. He. The reason why I was so emotional that day was because I saw Wang Xiaoman with her bulging belly, so I mentioned about the divorce. However, I also know that it’s too late for me to say anything now… nowadays, photos of my private meeting with a man are everywhere. The key is that I don’t remember what happened last night, and I don’t even know who that man was…”

He Tian had a satisfied look on his face when he heard Guan Meiyi’s humble words, “It’s good that you can think like that. Since that’s the case, there’s still room for negotiation. “As for the relationship between you and Zhenxuan, we elders can’t say anything about it. “But since you’re still the He family’s daughter-in-law, nothing is certain for the future.”