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Chapter 1371: The Queen is the Queen (5)

What does that mean !

This woman would rather say that the man she was with last night was that weakling Luo Kai than that it was him, is that what she meant !

In this woman’s eyes, he, Gu Zhiqian, was actually inferior to that weakling!

For a moment, Gu Zhiqian’s face was as dark as ink, and his eyes were clearly filled with anger.

Now it was Guan Meiyi turning frustrated. She had already said it that way, but Gu Zhiqian still had that murderous look on his face. What did he want?

Here, Guan Meiyi felt the vibration of her phone. She took up the phone and saw that it was the He family’s landline. A mocking smile appeared on her lips. Then, she held the phone in her hand and waved it at Gu Zhiqian, “I’m sorry, Best Actor Gu. I have to take a call. It’s a private call. Please leave.”

This was the first time in Gu Zhiqian’s life that he had been kicked out by someone. This kind of feeling really made him lose face.

Gu Zhiqian’s face was dark. He pursed his thin lips tightly and left Guan Meiyi’s lounge with a chill all over his body.

Seeing that Gu Zhiqian had left, Guan Meiyi turned to Luo Kai and said, “You can leave too.”

“Okay, Sister Meiyi.” With that, Luo Kai left the lounge with a flushed face.

Guan Meiyi couldn’t help but sigh when she saw Luo Kai’s mincing look. She used Luo Kai in desperate just now, but she forgot that she was just a recent graduate young boy. Her words must have scared him.

After so long, Guan Meiyi’s phone was still vibrating. She looked at the caller ID and picked up the phone slowly, “What’s the matter?”

“Why didn’t you pick up the phone?” He Tian had already called Guan Meiyi a few times, but she never answered. Finally, someone picked up, but it was Guan Meiyi’s slow and relaxed voice, which really upset He Tian..

“I’m already giving you some respect by picking up the phone.” Up till now, the He family had been so ruthless to her that Guan Meiyi had nothing to worry about.

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, He Tian’s old face darkened and said, “Have you seen all the news about you on the Internet?”

“I have. The photo was taken in a blur.”

He Tian almost lost his breath. How could Guan Meiyi be so calm and not take it seriously after such a big thing had happened?

Thus, He Tian thought that Guan Meiyi was playing hard to get.

“The situation has escalated to the point where it’s out of control. Now everyone is waiting for the He family’s reaction. “At this point, the He family’s reaction depends on your choice. “Don’t say that I’m being unkind to you as your father-in-law. I’ll give you another chance to choose. “If you’re willing to give up on the divorce, then the He family will definitely react in favour of you, Guan Meiyi. After all, we are a community of interests. If you do well, it will also be beneficial to the He family. “However, if you still insist on getting a divorce, then don’t blame the He family for being merciless. Just wait to fall into the uttermost depths of hell and never come back!”

The old face of He Tian was flashed with manipulation. He thought that as long as Guan Meiyi had a bit of wisdom, she would not choose to get a divorce now.

However, Guan Meiyi’s soft laughter came from the phone, “Mr. He, don’t you know that the phone has a recording function? I have recorded everything you said just now, not a single word missing. Tell me, if I release this recording, will it be beneficial to me?”