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Chapter 1369: The Queen is the Queen (3)

In the lounge, Gu Zhiqian was reading the script for his next play. But he couldn’t focus on it now, all he could think about was Guan Meiyi’s perfunctory attitude towards him.

Here, Mike walked in with a relaxed expression and sat on the sofa in the lounge, “I underestimated Guan Meiyi before. This woman is really accountable.”

Hearing Mike mention Guan Meiyi, Gu Zhiqian threw the script aside, “What do you mean?”

Mike took a sip of water calmly, “I just secretly went to Guan Meiyi’s public relations meeting, but no matter how those people asked her who the man she was with last night, Guan Meiyi didn’t answer. She only said that it was an insignificant person, so they didn’t need to ask.”

“Unimportant person?” Gu Zhiqian gritted his teeth and repeated Mike’s words.

Great, Guan Meiyi, you’re such a good woman!

Mike didn’t notice Gu Zhiqian’s abnormality and continued, “Moreover, Guan Meiyi also said that this matter doesn’t need the company’s help. She’ll take the responsibility alone and give everyone an explanation.”

Gu zhiqian sneered, “Take the responsibility alone, Ha!”

“Also, after the meeting, I even looked for Guan Meiyi’s manager, Ada, to get some information, but Ada was completely dumbfounded. She also didn’t know who the man with Guan Meiyi was last night,” Mike said and nodded, “It seems that I really misjudged Guan Meiyi before. She really have a shoulder. Well, now that this matter has nothing to do with us, I don’t have to worry anymore.”

As soon as Mike finished talking, Gu Zhiqian stood up with a whoosh and walked out of the lounge like a gust of wind.

“Hey! Where are you going…”

Gu Zhiqian completely ignored Mike’s shout and left straightway.

In the lounge, Guan Meiyi was touching up her makeup. Today and in the next few days, she was destined to become the focus of the country, so she had to ensure that whenever and wherever she appeared in front of the cameras, she would be flawless.

“Sister Meiyi, now everyone is asking you who the man was last night…” Luo Kai asked in a low voice. Although he was the one who went to pick up Guan Meiyi this morning, he was in the driver’s seat at that time, so he couldn’t see the man’s appearance clearly from his angle. In addition, he was in a hurry back then, so he only cared about Guan Meiyi and didn’t have time to pay attention to that man.

“Why? Are you curious too?” Guan Meiyi asked.

“No, no!” Luo Kai shook his head quickly, “I’m just thinking, what kind of man is so irresponsible that you have to bear the responsibility alone when such things happen…”

At this moment, the door of Guan Meiyi’s lounge was pushed open forcefully. Then, Gu Zhiqian walked in with an inexplicable chill.

“Guan Meiyi, who do you think is unimportant!”

Seeing Gu Zhiqian rushing in, Guan Meiyi was stunned.

One second..

Two seconds…

The third second, she came to her senses, “Gu Zhiqian, what are you doing? This is my lounge, how can you barge in so recklessly without knocking?”

Hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, Gu Zhiqian held back the frustration in his heart and surprisingly walked back to the door. He knocked on the door three times, closed the door, and walked over, “Is this enough?”

Luo Kai looked at Gu Zhiqian in disbelief. The proud and unruly Best Actor Gu actually went back to knock on the door because of Meiyi’s words! The key was that didn’t he always keep a distance from Sis Meiyi. The relationship between the two of them had never been good. At this moment, what was he rushing in here for?