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Chapter 1368: The Queen Is the Queen (2)

Inside the manor, Ling Tianya was feeding Little Routuan and calling Guan Meiyi at the same time. She looked very relaxed, “I’ve been too tired recently. The two at home and Little Fantuan, the three make me so tired every day. “I fell asleep after feeding in the morning. I didn’t know about your issue until I woke up just now. “I saw that there were a few missed calls from Zhi Ya Entertainment. I guess they must be in a lot of troubles right now.”

Guan Meiyi glanced at the people in the meeting room, “That’s true.”

“How is it? Do you need me to step in?” Ling Tianya picked up Routuan with one hand. Routuan that was just eating happily suddenly had no milk. He immediately expressed his protest and his small mouth started whining. Ling Tianya then put Routuan at a different direction and continued the feeding. The little guy was finally satisfied when he had milk again.

Under the gaze of everyone in the meeting room, Guan Meiyi smiled lightly, “I don’t need you to step in. You stay at home and take care of the children.”

Hearing that Guan Meiyi actually refused the help of the CEO, the staff in the meeting room instantly widened their eyes with their faces turned ashy.

Guan Meiyi saw their reactions and chuckled, “I know what to do. I won’t trouble you with such a small matter.”

Ling Tianya chuckled, “I knew you would say that, so I was just asking.”

The two girls already had some sort of tacit understanding, so when Ling Tianya found out about this, she didn’t take it seriously at all.

“But…” Ling Tianya continued, “The He family is really hateful. They dared to bully my sister, so they’ve reached their ends days in the city. When this matter is over, I definitely won’t let them off.”

“Okay, I know you’re good to me. Let’s leave it at that for now.”

Although the He family was still considered glorious, in reality, they were all companies that didn’t understand the relationships between them, and taking care of the He family for Guan Meiyi’s sake. They thought that Guan Meiyi and Ling Tianya were cousins, so they must have some says in the Ruan family.

However, those who were really close to the Ruan family knew that the Ruan family had already pushed the He family out. They had never interacted with each other, so how could they take care of the He family?

It was also because of this that the He family was unwilling to let Guan Meiyi go. Guan Meiyi could bring them wealth and businesses. Now that Guan Meiyi was determined to divorce He Zhenxuan and she seemed to have something on him. For the sake of the He family’s business and the future, they couldn’t just sit around and do nothing, so they had to strike first. They had to destroy Guan Meiyi first, so that her public image was damaged. This way, the so-called goods on He Zhenxuan and evidence in her hands wouldn’t be enough to convince the public. And the He family would become the ultimate victim and the shorn lamb.

The two sisters hung up the phone. Under the desperate starting of the public relations staff, Guan Meiyi stood up, “Okay, you don’t have to argue. Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to do anything about this. I know what I’m doing and can handle it well. In short, I will give you an explanation.”

After said that, Guan Meiyi walked out of the meeting room with light steps, left behind a room full of dumbfounded people.

It was a big deal for popular actors to have an affair in their marriage. Many famous celebrities had been ruined by this. Why was Guan Meiyi’s heart so big!

At this moment, in the He family, He Tian and Li E were sitting on the sofa in the living room with their faces full of impatience.

Wang Xiaoman walked out with a slightly bulging belly, holding a fruit plate. Then, she sat down on one side of the sofa and looked at the two elders.

“Guan Meiyi is quite patient. Why hasn’t she called us yet?” Li E asked impatiently.

He Tian frowned, “Give me the phone. I’ll call her!”