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Chapter 1367: The Queen Is the Queen (1)

“You’re wrong. I don’t think I’m just popular today.” Guan Meiyi was in a bad mood at the moment and someone just had to find trouble for her now.

The female artiste’s face froze, then laughed mockingly, “Hehe, yes, yes. Our Meiyi Sis is always popular, but today is especially viral. And the reason for that is also very special.”As she said that, the female artist leaned over and asked with a light smile, “Meiyi Sis, I’m really curious. Who was that man last night? Was it because he was good in bed that he made you commit adultery?”

The female artiste was the one that’s most jealous of Guan Meiyi. The two of them debuted at the same time, but Guan Meiyi had taken up all the good resources. Now, she had successfully become the Top Sister of Zhi Ya Entertainment, but she was still hanging around on the third-string.

In her opinion, the reason why Guan Meiyi was so popular was all because she was the big boss’s cousin. Otherwise, how could she have become the Top Sister when she was so unpopular back then? !

However, God has eyes, and she finally failed today! This was called that the God plays havoc on us is forgivable, but the sins we bring onto ourselves is the hardest to bear.

In fact, Zhi Ya Entertainment was still very attentive to the training and promotion of artistes, but there were times when it varied from person to person. However, rather than saying that it was different for each individual, it was more appropriate to say that it was different based on capabilities.

If Guan Meiyi didn’t really have the abilities, why would the company promote her so much?

If Guan Meiyi didn’t really have the abilities, Ling Tianya would be the first person to kick her out.

However, when people were filled with jealousy, they wouldn’t think of these things. This people would only think of how wronged and unhappy they were, just like this female artiste.

When she heard the words from the female artiste, Guan Meiyi’s expression did not change at all. She only sneered, “Are you curious? Just be like that. This is my charm. Even a small matter will cause a huge uproar. Can you do it?”

Not only did Guan Meiyi not answer the female artiste’s question directly, she even scolded her. The female artiste’s face immediately turned green. She gritted her teeth and was about to retaliate, but Guan Meiyi was the first to speak up, “Oh, I’m sorry. I still have something to do. I don’t have time to chat with you.”

After that, Guan Meiyi was about to leave, but she stopped after taking two steps. She turned to look at the female artiste, “Oh, right. I remember that we debuted at the same time, and you seem to be a few years older than me. Next time, don’t call me sister, just call me younger sister!”

Then Guan Meiyi led the group and walked away freely, left the female artiste standing there alone with her face like a fly was just eaten.

The public relations meeting had been a heated debate since the beginning. In fact, the simplest solution was for the CEO, Ling Tianya, to step in and pressure the He family. As long as the He family didn’t go after this, everything would be easy to handle. Since the He family hadn’t responded to the matter yet, it was the best time for the CEO to step in.

However, they had called the CEO for several times, but her phone had been switched off.

And just at this timing, chairman Cheng was overseas on a business trip. Due to the time difference, it was still early in the morning, so it was impossible for him to pick up the phone either.

Looking at Guan Meiyi, the public relations staff were all worried about her, but she herself was not worried at all. People asked her for the identity of the man in the hotel last night, but she did not say anything. If things kept being like this, the meeting could not move on.

Just then, Guan Meiyi’s phone rang. It was Ling Tianya.

Guan Meiyi picked up the phone leisurely, “Mn, what’s the matter, Tianya?”

As soon as everyone heard that it was the CEO’s phone call, they immediately shut up and stared at Guan Meiyi.