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Chapter 1363: Queen Guan Meiyi (7)

Although most of the photos on the internet were of her back, there was still one that captured Guan Meiyi’s profile. it was a little blurry, but still basically confirmed that the woman in the photo was Guan Meiyi.

Not only were there photos, there were also all kinds of incriminating posts about this.

Yesterday, Guan Meiyi’s crew had a party at the Four Seasons Hotel. Other than Gu Zhiqian, the entire crew had basically went. Guan Meiyi left halfway through the party and hasn’t been back since.

Someone even took a photo of Guan Meiyi’s assistant driving to the underground parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel this morning.

With all these things being connected, it was 100% certain that the woman in the photo who ran out of the hotel room with a man was Guan Meiyi.

However, the photo could only capture Guan Meiyi’s image, but it couldn’t tell who the man with her was.

All of a sudden, there were different speculations on the man’s identity. But one thing certain was that this man was definitely not Guan Meiyi’s husband, He Zhenxuan.

First, if it was He Zhenxuan, Guan Meiyi would have no reason to run away. It would work in just ways.

Second, looking at the back of this man, whether it was his figure or height, he was different from He Zhenxuan. He Zhenxuan was shorter and fatter than the man in the photo.

So based on all the aforementioned speculations, the final conclusion was that queen Guan Meiyi was having an affair with a sexy man.

When Gu Zhiqian saw the words “sexy man”, he suddenly felt stuffy in his chest.

“What do you think is going on with Guan Meiyi?” Wasn’t her relationship with the He family’s young master always good? Ever since he married Guan Meiyi, the playboy young master He had gradually had his hearts coming back. Recently, he was even very enthusiastic about public welfare, and there were no gossip at all. “Why is Guan Meiyi so stubborn that she actually cheated on her husband!” Mike looked at the photo on Weibo, he was confused, “It’s over now. The image of Guan Meiyi as a virtuous wife has been completely destroyed. This is a huge mess.”. Guan Meiyi could be seen as Zhi Ya Entertainment’s most popular female star. How many female stars in the company were envious and waiting for her to fall? Not to mention our own company, how many rival companies were waiting for this “If Guan Meiyi goes less popular, it will be a troublesome matter for Zhi Ya Entertainment. “This is great, the public relations team will be hectic. “The point is, if the other party was an ordinary family, then forget it, but the other party is the He family! “The He family will definitely not let this go. Could it be that the big CEO has to personally appear and bring out the Ruan family to settle this? However, this is ultimately not a good thing. Will the Ruan family be willing to pay the bill for Guan Meiyi?”

Mike raised his head to look at Gu Zhiqian and noticed that he was frowning and staring at his phone, so Mike continued, “Stay away from Guan Meiyi during this period of time, so as not to cause troubles for yourself. Ugh… your new movie has just started filming and she already caused such a big problem. I wonder if it will affect the movie… what a bad luck… This Guan Meiyi is really hurting herself and the others…”

“Have you said enough?” Gu Zhiqian looked at Mike with a sharp gaze. This matter did not involve him and Guan Meiyi had said before that no matter what happened, she would bear it all herself and would not implicate him. Logically speaking, Mike should feel relieved. But for some reason, after Gu Zhiqian saw the attack against Guan Meiyi on the internet and after hearing Mike’s words, he was unusually depressed. It was so much that he could barely breathe.