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Chapter 1362: Queen Guan Meiyi (6)

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Gu zhiqian only shootings in the morning, and most of the scenes with Guan Meiyi had ended, so he didn’t have other filming scheduled on the site. He could take his time finishing the remaining scenes.

At this time, Gu Zhiqian was in the car to Zhi Ya Entertainment along with his manager, Mike.

” If I may say, our best actor Gu, just to be honest with me on where did you get that scratches on your neck?” Mike asked anxiously. This admirable best actor Gu, although he had a reputation of being handsome and flirtatious… he had never had a single scratch on his neck. If those unscrupulous reporters caught him, who knew what they would say about him.

Mike had already thought of several restricted headlines in his mind…

Mentioning of the scratches on his neck, Gu Zhiqian thought about Guan Meiyi, and the thinking of that woman made him very agitated.

Therefore, the man put the blindfold on his eyes and completely ignored Mike.

Seeing that the best actor was ignoring him, Mike became even more anxious, “Gu Zhiqian, please do me a favour… how many layers of concealer and foundation did the makeup artist throw up on your neck today to cover up those two scratches! ! “There are so many people on the site and so many eyes. If someone were to see this on camera, it would be bad news. “Do you think that you have less gossip now? “No matter how many fans you have of best actor Gu, they can’t withstand you acting so wildly!”

Especially those female fans, what would they think when they saw the scratch marks on his neck? It would probably be another crazy fuss. Then, the anti-fans and internet trolls would take the opportunity to make a deliberate lead, and the PR team would be busy again.

“Mike, you’re too noisy…” This time, Gu Zhiqian finally had a reaction, but it was just apathetically say that Mike was too noisy.

Mike was speechless for a second. This young master was not joking when he lost his temper. But even so, Mike still mustered up the courage to continue, “No… Master Gu… I’m begging you, in the future when you are having fun, can you please control your limits?”

Seeing that Mike was still talking about this, Gu Zhiqian slightly lifted the blindfold and stared Mike with a cold glare.

Seeing this young master was already warning him, Mike could only shut his mouth obediently and turn the resentment inside him into a sigh.

Mike finally shut his mouth, and Gu Zhiqian put down the blindfold again, continuing to isolate himself.

Damn Mike, why are you asking those questions for no reason! He was now thinking about what happened last night and how that woman had ravaged him in bed…

He couldn’t stop thinking about it, which made Gu Zhiqian more and more frustrated and angry!

Obviously, Mike didn’t see Gu Zhiqian’s frustration. Since he didn’t want him to talk, he would just check Weibo on his phone to see if there was any breaking news.

“Hey!” Mike suddenly made a sound in the quiet car.

Gu zhiqian who had already calmed down was upset again when he heard Mike.

“Guan Meiyi is in trouble!” As he got closer, he heard Mike’s exclaimation.

Gu Zhiqian took off the blindfold, and almost at the same time he grabbed Mike’s phone to read the content.

“I don’t know who took the photo of Guan Meiyi having a secret meeting with the man in the hotel and put it on the Internet.” said Mike said in shock. After all, Guan Meiyi was also an artist from the same company and also the cousin of the CEO.