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Chapter 1361: Queen Guan Meiyi (5)

Gu Zhiqian was a very good actor. He could make everything look real, and he could also tell whether the other party was acting or not.

Obviously, his mother, Zhao Huimin, was not good at acting, especially when she saw him.

“What was the medicinal wine you mentioned just now?” Gu Zhiqian asked again.

“Well…” Zhao Huimin avoided eye contact, “You didn’t say that you were coming back today, so mom didn’t prepare anything…”

“Don’t change the subject. The wine that I drank in the hotel room last night was drugged, right?” Gu Zhiqian asked.

Zhao Huimin was thinking about resisting a little more, but now that she saw Gu Zhiqian, she couldn’t resist anymore and told Gu Zhiqian everything.

“Mom is doing this for your own good. I want you to have a family as soon as possible so that your grandfather might have a better attitude toward you,” Zhao Huimin said with a bitter face, “Who knew that the girl last night was so stupid that she walked into the wrong room…”

Gu Zhiqian frowned slightly. It turned out that Guan Meiyi was not entirely responsible for what happened last night. He drank the red wine with drugs, so his body’s reaction was so strong that he didn’t reject Guan Meiyi.

After thinking through all these, Gu Zhiqian thought that he would be more relaxed. At the very least, he could rationalize this matter and no longer have a medley of thoughts.

However, the truth was that those messy thoughts already existed.

Gu Zhiqian’s was immediately irritated.

Seeing that her son did not speak for a long time, Zhao Huimin secretly looked at him and spotted two scratches on Gu Zhiqian’s neck.

Zhao Huimin’s eyes widened, “Son, were you with a woman last night…”

Mentioning last night, Gu Zhiqian’s expression obviously changed.

When Zhao Huimin immediately understood when she saw the change. Her eyes twinkled, “Which family is she from? What’s her last name? Is she innocent?”

Gu Zhiqian couldn’t be bothered with Zhao Huimin. He came back just to get something, didn’t expect to accidentally find out that his mother had colluded with the Zhao family to scheme against him.

Seeing that Gu Zhiqian didn’t say anything, Zhao Huimin continued to ask, “Answer mom! Since you took her body, you have to be responsible for her, right?”

“I’m responsible?”Gu Zhiqian asked in a slightly agitated tone.

She should be the one responsible for all these, okay? She was the one who ran away after eating!

Gu Zhiqian was shocked to find that his ” girly mentality” was overflowing again.

It can’t be like this! He was the one who said it first and pretended nothing had happened. What was he struggling with now?

Anyway, his abnormal reactions last night was all due to the drugs. Everything was easy to understand and could be explained!

Zhao Huimin didn’t expect that her words would cause Gu Zhiqian to have such a big reaction, “Of course I have to take responsibility. It’s best if we get married.”What? Isn’t she a good girl? Is she from your entertainment industry? Let me tell you, you must never find a girl from the entertainment industry. Your grandfather will be the first to yes no! It’s not like you don’t know he hates those girls in the entertainment industry the most.”

Gu Zhiqian was already annoyed at the beginning. Hearing Zhao Huimin’s words, he became even more upset, “Let’s not talk about it anymore. I still have to film. I’m leaving.”

After saying that, Gu Zhiqian prepared to leave. The reason why he chose to return at this time was to avoid meeting the old man.

However, before he took two steps, Gu Zhiqian turned around and said to Zhao Huimin, “Go and tell Zhao Zun that he doesn’t need to come to work anymore. I don’t need an assistant like him.”