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Chapter 1357: Queen Guan Meiyi (1)

In a room of the Four Seasons Hotel, Gu Zhiqian was sitting on the sofa and drinking red wine. He looked at the time and realized that it had been a while since the appointed time.

Gu Zhiqian picked up his phone and dialed the number. “When will you arrive?”

On the other end of the phone was Zhao Zun, the son of Xu Hong and Zhao Ping, as well as, Gu Zhiqian’s cousin. Because his uncle, Zhao Ping’s family, was relying on Zhao Huimin to provide for them, in short, they were relying on Gu Zhiqian to support them. Therefore, Zhao Zun, his cousin, was naturally taken care of by Gu Zhiqian, and he brought Zhao Zun along to be his assistant.

However, Gu Zhiqian liked to do everything himself, and he really didn’t need an assistant to do anything for him. Therefore, Zhao Zun, this assistant, was actually taking money for nothing.

After receiving Gu Zhiqian’s call, Zhao Zun paused for a moment. “I suddenly had something to attend to at home, so I had to go home to take a look. I won’t be going over today. Let’s meet again next time.”

Gu Zhiqian raised his eyebrows. Back then, he had said that he had something important to tell him, and he had even specially arranged to meet him at the Four Seasons Hotel. Now, he was saying that he had something else to do?

“What happened at home? Do you need my help?” Gu Zhiqian knew that his mother had always cared about her relatives, so he tolerated them as well.

Zhao Zun’s tone seemed to be a little panicked. “It’s okay, I can handle it myself. Did you see the bottle of wine on the table? I specially ordered it for you, but you shouldn’t drink too much of it. Don’t let it interfere with tomorrow’s work.”

“Got it.” After saying that, Gu Zhiqian hung up the phone and gulped down the wine in his glass. Thinking that Li Meihong was also celebrating at the Four Seasons Hotel today to celebrate Guan Meiyi’s wrap, Gu Zhiqian decided to go over directly.

As soon as he got up, he felt a wave of dizziness. Thinking that his brain was short of oxygen because he suddenly stood up too quickly, Gu Zhiqian shook his head and blinked his eyes hard.

Just as Gu Zhiqian was in a daze, the doorbell outside the door rang. He thought it was Zhao Zun who had rushed over again, so he walked to the door. “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come?”

In the end, as soon as the door opened, a fragrant body reeking of alcohol broke into the room.

In the morning, Guan Meiyi was woken up by intense ringing in her hand. She reached out for her phone, but she couldn’t find it. She could only open her eyes impatiently and look for her phone dazedly. Finally, she found her phone under a pile of clothes. While trying to pick up her phone, she accidentally fell to the ground.

The call was from Luo Kai. When he saw that Guan Meiyi finally picked up the phone, Luo Kai’s voice sounded hysterical. “Sister Meiyi, where are you?!”

Last night, he accompanied Guan Meiyi to the celebration party, but Guan Meiyi left halfway through and never appeared again. Luo Kai asked everyone, but no one knew where Guan Meiyi was.

Afraid that if something really happened to Guan Meiyi it would affect her image negatively, he didn’t dare to report it or call the police.

He didn’t sleep for almost the entire night. Since last night, he had called Guan Meiyi countless times.

Obviously still hungover, Guan Meiyi scratched her hair. “Where could I be? I’m at the apartment!”

“Meiyi, what are you talking about? I’m right outside your apartment. You’re not even home. Where have you been?”

Upon hearing this, Guan Meiyi’s mind buzzed and she instantly sobered up.

Her eyes surveyed the area within her vision, and she saw the words “The Four Seasons Hotel Welcomes You” on the coaster that fell on the carpet.

“I’m at… the Four Seasons Hotel…”