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Chapter 1354: Destroy Your Reputation (3)

Now that the He family’s attitude was both shameless and resolutee, Guan Meiyi felt that there was no point in continuing the discussion, so she stood up and said, “In that case, I feel that there’s no point in continuing the discussion.”

Guan Meiyi took out the latest divorce agreement from her bag and threw it on the table. “My new acting project will be completed the day after tomorrow, so I’ll give you two days to think about it. Either you sign this divorce agreement and we’ll part peacefully, or we’ll meet in court.”

After saying that, Guan Meiyi turned to leave, but He Zhenxuan took a few steps forward and grabbed her, “What do you mean by that? What do you mean by meeting in court? Guan Meiyi, have you forgotten that you’re a big star? Aren’t you afraid that by causing a huge uproar in court, you’ll affect both your future and that of Zhiya Entertainment?”

Yes, Guan Meiyi had always been afraid, and it was precisely because of this that she had been afraid. She valued everything that she had earned very much, and she didn’t want the divorce case to affect her. But, it was also because she was afraid that she chose to escape until now, and that trapped her in this situation until this day.

However, now she understood. Just like what she said to Ling Tianya today, she no longer had any scruples, and she wanted to live for herself!

Even when she had fallen to rock bottom, she had been able to make a comeback, let alone a time-wasting divorce case?

“Scared?” Guan Meiyi looked at He Zhenxuan calmly. “You should be the one scared!”

After that, Guan Meiyi struggled to break free from He Zhenxuan’s hand and left the He family’s home proudly.

Outside the door, the assistant, Luo Kai, saw that Guan Meiyi had finally walked out. He immediately went up to her and carefully observed Guan Meiyi. After making sure that she wasn’t injured, he felt relieved.

“Sister Meiyi, let’s go quickly.” Luo Kai opened the car door for Guan Meiyi.

Guan Meiyi sat in the car without an expression. Her tense body suddenly relaxed, and a wave of fatigue rushed toward her.

Sure enough, facing the He family was more tiring than acting. “Luo Kai, I’m going to sleep first. Call me when we arrive at the apartment.”

“Okay, Sister Meiyi.”

Knowing that Guan Meiyi liked soft music, he asked the driver to play the soft music that he had specially prepared for Guan Meiyi.

Meiyi’s life was really too difficult.

The He family members were really unscrupulous, especially that He Zhenxuan. He was a heinous bastard!

Every time sister Meiyi faced He Zhenxuan, she would be physically and mentally exhausted.

Luo Kai didn’t understand. Since He Zhenxuan didn’t love sister Meiyi, why couldn’t he let her go and give her freedom?!

At this moment, the He family members’ facial expressions didn’t look very good.

“Since Guan Meiyi said that, it seems that she is fully prepared this time,” He Tian said in a deep voice. “When you were out fooling around, did you not notice what the people arranged by Guan Meiyi captured?”

When He Tian said that, he didn’t pay any attention to Wang Xiaoman’s presence.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoman was holding her stomach with her head lowered. No one could see her expression clearly.

He Zhenxuan shook his head. “How is that possible! I know that I have to protect the company’s image, so I was very cautious in whatever I did during this period of time!”

There were pros and cons to everything. As Guan Meiyi’s husband, He Zhenxuan and the He family enjoyed the exposure and benefits that Guan Meiyi brought to them. But at the same time, it was also because of this that their every move was restricted. If they were slightly careless, they would be criticized.

“Moreover, during this period of time, I’ve only been in contact with Xiaoman, and I’ve been very careful every time. I shouldn’t have left any incriminating evidence behind.”

He Tian nodded. “No matter what, since Guan Meiyi said those words, she must have some information that is damaging to you and the He family. Moreover, from her assured mannerism, it seems that she has made up her mind this time.”

He Zhenxuan stared at the divorce agreement on the coffee table with a malicious look in his eyes. “Alright, let’s get a divorce then, but before that, I want to destroy her reputation first!”