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Chapter 1353: Destroy Your Reputation (2)

Upon hearing Guan Meiyi say He Zhenxuan was incompetent, the He family members’ faces instantly darkened, and Wang Xiaoman’s face also darkened.

What did Guan Meiyi mean by this? When she said He Zhenxuan was incompetent, didn’t she mean that her child wasn’t He Zhenxuan’s?!

This woman was really detestable!

As a man, how could He Zhenxuan endure Guan Meiyi’s words? He immediately stood up and was about to beat Guan Meiyi up.

Staring at He Zhenxuan without a trace of panic, Guan Meiyi just sat there. “Do you want to hit me? Hehe, hit me! It’s been a long time since I’ve had any scandals. With your slap, I wonder if there will be news about me being the victim of domestic violence tomorrow?”

Just as He Zhenxuan’s slap was about to reach Guan Meiyi’s face, his father, He Tian, stopped him. “Zhenxuan, stop!”

He Tian didn’t care about hitting a woman at all. However, after hearing Guan Meiyi’s words, He Tian felt that it made sense. He couldn’t jeopardize the He family’s reputation just because his son hit this actress.

Guan Meiyi had so many fans. If news of suspected domestic violence spread, it would definitely have an impact on the stock price of the He family’s business.

He Zhenxuan obviously realized this as well. He glared at Guan Meiyi with malicious eyes, and slowly withdrew his hand.

When Wang Xiaoman saw that the slap didn’t go down, she didn’t have time to hide the disappointment on her face.

“A married man? Guan Meiyi, how dare you say that? You’ve married into the He family for so many years, but have you ever fulfilled your duty as a wife?” At this time, He Tian began to question Guan Meiyi coldly. In any case, he had to make Guan Meiyi feel that she was in the wrong, “It’s fine if you can’t have children, but you don’t even show filial piety to your in-laws and don’t come home all year round! Now, you actually have the face to talk about Zhenxuan and Xiaoman? Take today as an example. Why did you go alone to such a big event like the baby shower held by the Ruan family for their two little grandsons? Why didn’t you bring your husband, Zhenxuan, along?”

“Why can’t I go alone? Mr. He, when you were questioning me, why didn’t you think about it? Almost all the upper-class people in the city have been invited by the Ruan family to such a grand baby shower, but not your He family?” Guan Meiyi’s eyes didn’t avoid meeting He Tian’s furious gaze.

“Why didn’t they invite us? It’s all because of you, you sl*t!” Li E couldn’t take it anymore and directly scolded Guan Meiyi.

Guan Meiyi laughed, “In that case, let me divorce He Zhenxuan. From now on, the He family will have nothing to do with me. You can do whatever you want. Miss Wang can stay in the He family. Why not?”

In fact, Guan Meiyi wanted a peaceful divorce with He Zhenxuan the most. As long as it didn’t cause too much trouble, she would try her best not to cause too much trouble.

Even if it wasn’t for herself, for Zhiya entertainment and Ling Tianya, she didn’t want her private matters to be too scandalous.

“I told you! It’s impossible to get a divorce!” He Tian firmly denied it, “In order to marry you, the He family has given Guan Jianlin so many benefits. Do you think you can get a divorce just like that? In this world, there’s no such thing as a good divorce! If you want a divorce, you can ask Guan Jianlin to give up all his money and resources!”

Guan Meiyi was basically estranged her father, Guan Jianlin. In the past, he was willing to sell her out to the He family for money and resources. Now, how could he give up all his money and resources? The only thing Guan Jianlin would do was to stop her from getting a divorce, just like how he had done so many times in the past.