Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1351 - The Wolves, Tigers, and Leopards (2)

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Chapter 1351: The Wolves, Tigers, and Leopards (2)

Upon seeing that Guan Meiyi didn’t take the initiative to ask, He Zhenxuan’s father, He Tian, said, “Since you’ve already seen it, we won’t hide it from you. Xiaoman is pregnant with the He family’s child.”

Upon hearing He Tian’s words, Guan Meiyi only raised her eyebrows, but didn’t have any other reaction.

Upon seeing that Guan Meiyi didn’t have any reaction, He Tian frowned and continued, “Since it’s the He family’s child, then this child must stay. Xiaoman’s family is from another city, and her father runs a mine. Her net worth is also quite high.”

“Hmph! She’s better than those who sell their daughters to make a living,” He Zhenxuan’s mother, Li E, said sarcastically.

In reality, when they first got married, the He family was willing to let Guan Meiyi marry in. At that time, the Guan family wasn’t in as much of a decline as they were now. The He family thought that Guan Meiyi was Ling Tianya’s cousin, and Ling Tianya was Ruan Zeyan’s wife. The Ling family was getting more powerful day by day, so Guan Meiyi marrying into the He family would be beneficial to the He family.

In the end, after Guan Meiyi married into the He family, and they invested capital into Guan Jianlin’s company then shared resources, they found out that Guan Jianlin had already broken ties with the Ling family, and had even divorced Guan Meiyi’s mother. Furthermore, Guan Meiyi and Ling Tianya didn’t have a good relationship either. They didn’t even want to beg Ling Tianya and the Ruan family, much less help introduce the two families.

The He family felt that they had been cheated by Guan Jianlin, so they started to show attitude to Guan Meiyi.

However, since the marriage was already done, it wouldn’t be good for the He family’s reputation if they were to get a divorce right away. The He family thought that they would have to endue it in silence. At worst, they could just treat it as having a useless vase marry into the family, and her having a child would be enough.

In the end, Guan Meiyi was still a virgin. He Zhenxuan never touched her, so how could she get pregnant?

However, He Tian and Li E didn’t know about it. They only thought that Guan Meiyi couldn’t give birth, so they treated her passive aggressively. He Zhenxuan didn’t even treat her as a human being. He beated and scolded her frequently.

Guan Meiyi had wanted to get a divorce many times, but she never got one, because the He family found that ever since He Zhenxuan got married, the He family’s image had improved a lot in the outside world.

Now, Guan Meiyi’s popularity and reputation were increasing day by day. Because He Zhenxuan had a movie star like Guan Meiyi as his wife, it seemed easier for him to get things done outside because one of his clients might be a fan of Guan Meiyi’s films. Therefore, it was even more impossible for her to get a divorce.

Currently, Guan Meiyi was already immune to Li E’s sarcastic remarks and ridicule. She looked at the four people across from her and said, “In that case, I’ll divorce He Zhenxuan. It’ll also make room for Miss Wang.”

Guan Meiyi said this slowly, and Wang Xiaoman’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

“No!” He Zhenxuan’s father, He Tian, said, “You can’t divorce him!”

Upon hearing this, the light in Wang Xiaoman’s eyes gradually dimmed.

“What a joke. What do you want if you don’t want a divorce?” The mistress had already entered the house with her belly puffed out. What was the point of not divorcing?

In the end, Guan Meiyi still underestimated the shamelessness of the He family. “Xiaoman will stay in the He family. After giving birth to the child, she will continue to stay here as the child’s aunt. To the public, you will still be Zhenxuan’s wife.”

Upon hearing this, Guan Meiyi smiled, “Can I take it that from now on, this Miss Wang will stay in the He family with your son and they’ll live their lives as husband and wife? She’ll also be the true young madam of the He family. As for me, not only do I have to endure this, but I also can’t get a divorce. I also have to continue being He Zhenxuan’s wife in public?”

“You can take it that way,” He Tian said bluntly.