Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1350 - The Wolves, Tigers, and Leopards (1)

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Chapter 1350: The Wolves, Tigers, and Leopards (1)

After hanging up the phone, Guan Meiyi leaned against the back of her chair, tired. And she sad to Luo Kai feebly, “Go to the He family.”

Guan Meiyi was referring to the He family, not going home. She had never treated that place as her home. In the past, the He family was no different from purgatory to Guan Meiyi.

“But sister Meiyi… the He family, they…” Luo Kai couldn’t bear the thought of Guan Meiyi going back to the He family alone.

In the end, Luo Kai didn’t say anything and asked the driver take on the direction to the He family.

Soon, the car arrived at the entrance of the He family’s courtyard. Luo Kai woke Guan Meiyi up who was sleeping soundly, “Sister Meiyi, we are at the He Family.”

Guan Meiyi took out a setting powder and applied some makeup. It was not that she had any fantasies about He Zhenxuan, but she did not want the He family to see her exhausted appearance.

At any time, at any event, Guan Meiyi would not allow herself to appear in front of the He family in a sorry state.

“Sister Meiyi, I will accompany you inside.” Luo Kai was really worried, as if the people living in that huge house were not humans but tigers and leopards.

“It’s okay. Wait outside.” said that, Guan Meiyi opened the car door and walked confidently into the house that used to be like a nightmare to her.

Just as she reached to the He Family’s door, Guan Meiyi clearly heard the woman’s laughter coming from inside.

She pressed the doorbell, and the laughter inside the door also stopped abruptly.

She only heard a sweet voice, “I’ll go open it!”

Not long after, the He family’s door was opened. Guan Meiyi saw a young girl with a slightly bulging belly.

The girl was obviously much younger than her. It seemed that she had just graduated from university or had not even graduated.

The girl looked at Guan Meiyi. She did not show any respect to her just because she was a popular movie queen. On the contrary, the way she looked at Guan Meiyi was arrogant with a sense of determination for something.

Guan Meiyi glanced at the girl and walked in.

The girl seemed to have deliberately blocked Guan Meiyi, thinking that Guan Meiyi would push her or scold her.

However, to the girl’s disappointment, Guan Meiyi just stood there and looked at her coldly. Then, she shouted to the inside, “He Zhenxuan, take your tools away!”

Hearing Guan Meiyi call her “Tools”, the girl immediately pulled a long face and stared at Guan Meiyi.

Here, He Zhenxuan lazily walked out of the room and directly held the girl’s slender waist. “Xiaoman, don’t be angry with an actress. Let’s come inside, you can’t catch a cold during pregnancy.”

The girl’s full name was Wang Xiaoman. She looked at Guan Meiyi mockingly and followed He Zhenxuan into the house.

Guan Meiyi’s mood was not affected at all, and she followed him in.

When she entered the door, she saw He Zhenxuan’s parents sitting there. When they looked at Guan meiyi, their expressions were full of disdain.

Guan Meiyi knew that the reason why the He family was so disdainful to her. It was all because of her father, Guan Jianlin.

She could be called as a tribute that Guan Jianlin gave to the He family in order to protect the company. She was just a tribute, how could she be valued?

“Come, Xiaoman, sit here.” Mother He directly let Wang Xiaoman sit beside her. Her eyes stared at the slightly bulging belly, as if she was staring at a golden lump.

Guan Meiyi had a sarcastic look on her face. It could be seen that everyone in the He family was waiting for her to take the initiative to ask this woman what was going on. However, Guan Meiyi just didn’t go as they wished. She just indifferently watched the family put on an act and didn’t say anything.