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Chapter 1349: Two Little One’s Baby Shower (5)

Guan Meiyi pursed her lips into a smile. Now she could be considered to have both fame and fortune that she had won all sorts of awards and she was already standing at the top of the entertainment industry, with the rights to look down on everyone. She was the real Best Movie Actress, Best TV Series Actress, and the Diva.

But she didn’t feel happy.

Looking at Ling Tianya’s happy family with a genuine smile on her face, Guan Meiyi was happy for her but also sad for herself.

“Let’s go, Meiyi and Zhiqian, let’s take a picture together.” Ruan Qishan asked Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian to join in the picture.

Guan Meiyi waved her hands, “It’s not appropriate for me to take a picture with the Ruan family.”

“Why not” Ling Tianya pointed at Gu Zhiqian who was already standing there, “Someone already stood there impolitely. You’re Aunt Little Mei to the children, and the Best Actress in real name, how can this happen without you?”

Saying that, Ling Tianya dragged Guan Meiyi over.

Guan Meiyi stayed at the manor until the first month birthday banquet was over. Luo Kai, her assistant, who was waiting in the car at the door, saw Guan Meiyi walked out, and he immediately opened the car door, took his coat with him and ran out. He putt the coat on Guan Meiyi, “Meiyi, why didn’t you call me when it was over? I could have picked up your coat and walked you out there. It’s so cold, you only where these when you are out can be freezing.”

Guan Meiyi waved her hands, “It’s okay, I’m not cold.”

Gu Zhiqian was also the last person to stay at the banquet. At this moment, this man was smoking a cigarette with one hand in his trouser pocket.

Gu Zhiqian’s profile was very beautiful. It was the kind that could make one’s heart stop beating. The smoke rings slowly from his thin lips, under the illumination of the street lamps, they formed the rings of the light, which had made the already cold winter night even more chilling.

The man was only wearing a black shirt. The neat bow tie around his neck was freely thrown into the car. The first two buttons were unbuttoned, and the sexy Adam’s apple moved up and down with the movement of smoking.

For some reasons, Best Actor Gu, who was usually wild and rebellious, now gave Guan Meiyi a strong sense of loneliness and sadness.

Sensing Guan Meiyi’s attention, Gu Zhiqian looked over with his dark eyes which were as bright as the stars in the winter night.

“It’s so late, why aren’t you leaving?”Guan Meiyi asked first.

Gu Zhiqian put out his cigarette and threw it into the trash can by the roadside. “I was just about to leave.” Then, he opened the door of his Bugatti sports car, “See you at the filming site.”

“See you there.” Guan Meiyi nodded and got in the car first.

After assistant Luo Kai got in the car and closed the door, there was the sound of a high-class engine outside. Then, they saw Gu Zhiqian driving away.

“Sister Meiyi, are we going back to your apartment?” Now, Guan Meiyi lived in a high-end apartment arranged by the company. Those who could live there were all superstars of Zhi Ya Entertainment.

Gu Zhiqian also had his own apartment there, but he never lived there.

Guan Meiyi was about to nod and say that they were going back to the apartment but she received a call from He Zhenxuan.

“Come back for a while. I have something to tell you.” He Zhenxuan’s voice was obviously filled with disdain towards Guan Meiyi.

“Just in time.” Guan Meiyi was already used to He Zhenxuan’s sarcasm. She instinctively didn’t care about his attitude. “I have something to tell you too.”

Guan Meiyi no longer had any scruples. She only wanted to divorce He Zhenxuan as soon as possible.