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Chapter 1348: Two Little One’s Baby Shower (4)

Looking at Guan Meiyi’s relaxed smile and the determination in her eyes, Ling Tianya didn’t say anything more.

After all, it was Guan Meiyi’s own life. Along the way, tone thing that Ling Tianya now fully understood was that no one could change another person’s life. If it wasn’t a change made from the bottom of one’s heart, then the happiness one got would always be in short-term.

It was better to be content with the status quo than to have an unrealistic dream.

Guan Meiyi picked up a glass of red wine and then a glass of milk for Ling Tianya. She suddenly remembered something and said to Ling Tianya, “Tianya, I saw someone a few days ago while I was filming outside, I thought I should let you know about”

Guan Meiyi looked at Ling Tianya, her expression not as relaxed as before, “I saw Yu Meizi.”

After hearing the name, Ling Tianya’s facial expression changed a bit, “How is she?”

Guan Meiyi’s expression was a little conflicted, “She… It’s hard to say. We were filming at a scenic spot, and she was doing the cleaning there. She looked a lot older.”

Ling Tianya nodded. There wasn’t much expression on her face, and she really didn’t know what to do.

“When she saw me, she asked me about you and the Ling family. I thought there was nothing I couldn’t say, so I told her. I said that my uncle married a young woman who just gave birth to their son. I said that you’re having a happy life now that you have children and you even found your biological parents.”Actually, Guan Meiyi was talking to Yu Meizi with some attitude. She knew exactly what Yu Meizi had done to Ling Tianya and the Ling family. So, Guan Meiyi could have ignored her, but she still talked to her about all these.

Guan Meiyi just wanted Yu Meizi to know how wrong she was.

“What did she say?” Ling Tianya asked.

“She didn’t say anything. She just said that her son was a fan of me and wanted an autograph. After I gave it to her, she left. However, when she left, her expression was a little complicated.” Guan Meiyi said honestly.

Ling Tianya nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“What are you guys talking about?” Ruan Zeyan walked over and gently wrapped his arm around Ling Tianya’s waist.

“Just chit-chiatting.”

“Mommy!” Little Fantuan ran over and hugged Ling Tianya’s leg.

At that moment, Ruan Qishan, who was holding the two little ones showing off around, walked over, “We’re all here. Come over, let’s take a family photo together!”

Ruan Qishan was in high spirits today. He decided that from now on, he would not care about what happened out there anymore. There would be no social events, and he would not go to those events on behalf of Ruan Zeyan anymore. He wanted to stay at home all the time, accompanying his wife and mother, playing with these three big babies every day!

He wanted to retire completely, and live a life where he could have joyfulness with his grandchildren.

Ruan Zeyan took Little Caituan, the younger sister, from Ruan Qishan. This man had never been so gentle even when he was looking at Little Fantuan and Little Routuan.

Ling Tianya could imagine that this man would soon become a complete slave to his daughter. The people who wanted to marry Caituan would have a hard time in the future..

Now, Ruan Zeyan looked at Caituan in his arms and seemed to understand why Ling Tao and Cheng Chen were always finding faults.

The thought of this little girl starting to fall in love with someone after just ten more years, and then starting to talk about marriage in just twenty more years had already made Ruan Zeyan’s heart ache.

He didn’t know if he would cry like Ling Tao at the wedding of his daughter.

But the man who wanted to marry his daughter had to go through him first!

Ling Tianya looked at the food, then at Ruan Zeyan, Little Fantuan and Routuan.

My baby daughter, you have one grandfather from your dad side, two grandfathers from my side, one father, and two brothers… I hope your future husband can be more pressure resilient, or else it will be really hard for you to get married..