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Chapter 1346: Two Little One’s Baby Shower (2)

Even though Xiao Hong had never complained to Ling Tao about anything, Ling Tao knew that Xiao Hong had been bullied by Mdm Ling for so many times. Moreover, in terms of education for Little Beani, Ling Tao had also figured problems with Mdm Ling’s methods.

Mdm Ling had no taboo while talking to Little Bean. Ling Tao was really worried that Little Bean would become a narrow-minded and mean boy under Mdm Ling’s influence. Therefore, for the sake of his wife and son, as well as not to hear Mdm Ling’s endless arguments and bad words against Ling Tianya, Ling Tao decided to send Mdm Ling back to the countryside again.

Seeing that Ling Tao didn’t look too good, Ling Tianya knew that it was most likely related to Mdm Ling, so she didn’t say anything to make things difficult for Ling Tao.

Little Bean saw Little Fantuan and wanted to get down to the ground. The two nephews, who were about the same age, started to let loose at the banquet.

Suddenly, Little Fantuan saw the two people who just came in and immediately ran over. “Godfather! Aunt Little Mei ”

Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi had just finished filming and rushed over. When they saw Little Fantuan running over, Gu Zhiqian squatted down right away when his arms opened, and directly carried Little Fantuan. “How are you? Do You miss Godfather?”

“Yes!” Gu zhiqian pinched Little Fantuan’s nose, “My son is so obedient!”

“Mind your words, he is my son.” Ruan Zeyan held Ling Tianya’s hand and walked over, warning Gu Zhiqian with an unfriendly expression.

Gu Zhiqian pursed his lips, “A Godson is also a son. Little Yaya promised me that all her children would acknowledge me as their Godfather, so now Routuan and Caituan are also my children!”

Ruan Zeyan’s face turned cold, “If you say something like that again, I will kick you out.”

Gu Zhiqian rolled his bewitching eyes, but he didn’t take more advantages of his words anymore. He knew that if he said another word, Ruan Zeyan would literally kick him out.

He, the so-called Heavenly King Best Actor, was being kicked out in such a public manner, must be a big joke !

Ever since the incident where Wang Manpeng pretended to be Gu Zhiqian, Old Master Gu had taken back the place as the house-lord and the control of the family once again.

It was also because of Wang Manpeng that Old Master Gu had not treated the real Gu Zhiqian better. Instead, he had treated him even worse.

Gu Zhiqian did not care, so he simply gave back all his control over the family as he did not care about all this anyways. He just felt that he had let his mother down.

Gu Zhiqian’s mother had indeed suffered a big blow. She began to think of other ways to help Gu Zhiqian find a marriage alliance with a daughter of a big family. And with that she might even be able to win back the favour of Old Master Gu.

Because Gu Zhiqian’s situation went back to the old times all out of sudden, the individuals of the Gu family who had been taken down by Wang Manpeng started to create troubles again.

In short, the big show of the Gu family was about to be staged again.

However, all of these seemed to be irrevalant to Gu Zhiqian. He kept on filming and working everyday as usual, and he would occasionally meet up with small celebrities and supermodels, living a free and chill life.

“What? You only miss your Godfather, but you don’t miss Aunt Little Mei?” Guan Meiyi said sourly to Little Fantuan.

Guan Meiyi had asked Little Fantuan to call her Aunt Little Mei. She didn’t like to be called “Big Auntie.” It was uncomfortable just by hearing it and it made her feel older right away.

Her name was Guan Meiyi, so she asked Little Fantuan to call her Aunt Little Mei.

Little Fantuan was also a child who knew how to read people’s expressions. He called her Aunt Little Mei smoothly, which made Guan Meiyi very happy.