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Chapter 1345: Two Little One’s Baby Shower (1)

In the end, the full names of meat dumpling and vegetable dumpling were given by Madam Ruan. Meat dumpling’s full name was Ruan Mingyu, and vegetable dumpling’s full name was Ruan Anran.

Ruan Qishan even held a baby shower for the two little ones. At the banquet, little rice dumpling was wearing a custom-made suit. Standing next to Ruan Zeyan, he looked like a miniature version of Ruan Zeyan himself. He even imitated the way Ruan Zeyan greeted people. The corners of his lips were slightly curved, and he was full of airs.

Before the baby shower, Ling Tianya received a call from Yu Luoluo. After the little girl finished filming “The Final Battle”, she immediately joined the next production crew, so she was still unable to rush back from abroad.

Truthfully, Ling Tianya knew that Yu Luoluo was actually escaping, and Ling Tianya also knew what she was escaping from. This sort of matter had to be handled by Yu Luoluo herself. She couldn’t help, and didn’t know how to help.

Ling Tianya looked at Cheng Chen, who was talking to someone. This man was her biological father. It was undeniable that Cheng Chen was indeed a very attractive man. Even if all the single women present knew that he was Ling Tianya’s biological father, they still had the impulse to get close to him.

It was impossible for Cheng Chen and Lina to be together. They were the same type of people. Two people who had everything in common couldn’t live together.

Actually, Ling Tianya liked the way her biological parents got along. It was relaxed and casual. They were like old friends of many years, and there was no pressure between them.

Of course, she also hoped that the two of them could find happiness for the rest of their lives, to have someone to accompany them, and to not stay single forever.

However, she also knew that when it came to love, it was still up to fate.

“Young Madam! Why can’t I find Du Gang anywhere?!” Zhong Chuchu ran over excitedly. “Isn’t he supposed to be with boss?”

Zhong Chuchu still hadn’t given up on pursuing Du Gang, but Du Gang had never agreed to it. He had too many responsibilities. As the captain of the secret guards and Ruan Zeyan’s personal assistant, he had to be prepared to sacrifice himself for Ruan Zeyan at any time. How could he give Zhong Chuchu a bright future?

He couldn’t let Zhong Chuchu wait for him forever. By the time he retired, Zhong Chuchu wouldn’t be young anymore. Wouldn’t he be wasting her time?

What Du Gang didn’t know was that Zhong Chuchu had already made all the preparations and vowed to only marry Du Gang in this life. The more Du Gang rejected her, the more she felt that Du Gang was a good man to entrust herself with. Even Butler Zhong had tacitly agreed to this. He had always supported his daughter’s love, but the prerequisite was that she couldn’t find a married man.

Upon seeing Zhong Chuchu, Ling Tianya smiled. “I asked Big One and Zhang Ke to help me with something. He should be looking for Big One.”

Zhong Chuchu’s eyes widened when she heard that. “Why would he look for Big One? Big One and Zhang Ke, a man and a woman, enjoy working together. Why would he go be a third wheel? No, I have to drag him back!”

After that, Zhong Chuchu ran away in a hurry.Her eyes flashed with determination to win over Du Gang.

Ling Tao and Xiao Hong came late with little bean in their arms. It was all because Madam Ling had started to act up again before they arrived. Saying that she was Ling Tianya’s grandmother so how could she not be present at such an occasion, she insisted that Ling Tao bring her along.

In the end, Ling Tao refused. Ling Tao knew how Madam Ling treated Ling Tianya back at the hospital. Ling Tao felt that it was ironic when Madam Ling said that she was Ling Tianya’s grandmother.

Madam Ling had been making a scene for quite a while because Ling Tao didn’t want her to come. She even pointed out that Xiao Hong was trying to sow discord by kissing up to the Ruan family every day.