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Chapter 1344: Giving Birth To Two Little Ones (2)

“Oh My, Ling Tianya is awake!” LiNa walked over with the children in her arms. Upon seeing that Ling Tianya was awake, she carefully placed the children in her arms into Ruan Zeyan’s hands, then held Ling Tianya’s hand. “My dear daughter, you’re so amazing! Mommy is proud of you!”

Upon seeing Lina, Ling Tianya’s eyes immediately turned red, and tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

When she gave birth to little rice dumpling, Ling Tianya also cried. She cried during the surgery, and at that time, she felt sad. She was about to become a mother, but she suddenly lost her mother at the same time.

But now, Lina held her hand, looked at her, and loved her. Not only did she become a mother again, she also had her own mother.

Upon seeing Ling Tianya cry, Lina’s eyes also turned red, but she didn’t forget to reach out to wipe Ling Tianya’s tears. “You just had a baby, so you can’t cry! Be good, Tianya. Good job, don’t cry.”

Ling Tianya nodded with tears in her eyes. She was really happy, really, really happy.

Wanting to see the babies, Ling Tianya turned to look at Ruan Zeyan, but she saw that the man seemed to be frozen. He held one of the little ones helplessly, and his eyes were fixed on the baby. The gentle and doting expression in his eyes formed a sharp contrast with the stiffness of his body.

When she saw Ruan Zeyan, Ling Tianya’s tearful expression instantly turned into a smile, and two drops of tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes.

Lina wiped away Ling Tianya’s tears. “Hurry up and bring little vegetable dumpling over for Mommy to see.”

Wait… what on earth was little vegetable dumpling?

At that moment, Madam Ruan, followed by Wang Yazhi, walked over with another little one in her arms. “Your father-in-law came up with the name. He said that he was the one who gave little rice dumpling his nickname, so now, he has to give these two nicknames as well. The little sister’s nickname is little vegetable dumpling.”

Ling Tianya looked at little vegetable dumpling’s brother, who was in Madam Ruan’s arms, in horror. “What about him…”

Madam Ruan rolled her eyes and snapped, “Meat dumpling!”

Ling Tianya looked up at the ceiling speechlessly. How on earth did all three of her children become associated with dumpling.

Now, they were known as rice dumpling, meat dumpling, and vegetable dumpling.

Well, putting everything else aside, these three children definitely wouldn’t go hungry in the future.

Ling Tianya stayed in the hospital for a week, then she went home with her son and daughter. Little rice dumpling was very excited about the arrival of his brother and sister. Asking and looking at them, he did nothing but stand by his brother and sister’s bed all day long.

Therefore, little bean, who had been neglected, was quite crestfallen for a while. After that, little rice dumpling brought little bean around meat dumpling and vegetable dumpling. He said to the two children in a serious tone, “Little bean is not your brother, he is your uncle. I am your brother, you have to listen to me.”

Little Bean tried to follow suit, but he couldn’t speak coherently yet. “I’m your uncle… listen to me…”

The two little ones probably felt the pressure from their big brother and little uncle, so they started crying, especially the little sister. All of a sudden, she had two older brothers and an uncle. She had to listen to them all, but could she listen to all of them at oncee?

The two little ones cried from time to time, so Aunt Wang and Ling Tianya became extremely busy, while little rice dumpling and little bean simply added to the chaos.

Ling Tianya sighed helplessly. Were there perhaps too many children..

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. This time, Ling Tianya’s figure recovered very quickly. This was all thanks to Lina, her biological mother, and Madam Ruan, her grandmother. During Ling Tianya’s pregnancy and during her period of postpartum confinement, they gave her strong and forceful supervision.