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Chapter 1343: Giving Birth To Two Babies (1)

Ling Tianya was much calmer this time than the first time she gave birth. After the first experience, she knew the basic procedure of a caesarean section.

The one who operated on her this time was the same Dr. Zhao from before. With Dr. Zhao’s expertise, Ling Tianya was quite at ease.

By now, Ling Tianya had already been pushed into the operating room for almost ten minutes.

Ruan Zeyan leaned against the wall and stood there. Everyone was sitting there, but he was the only one standing.

It wasn’t that the others didn’t care about Ling Tianya and the children. They were all looking at the door of the operating room expectantly without saying much. Excited and nervous, they were just looking.

Ruan Zeyan was standing was because he wanted to be the first to walk to Ling Tianya’s side after the surgery was over. He wanted to be the first to hold her hand. If she was awake, he would be the first person she would see.

At the same time, he didn’t care about the gender of the children. If they were boys, he would be raised them laissez faire style. When he was eight years old, he would follow little rice dumpling and receive the Ruan family’s hellish training. It wouldn’t be easy to be a man of the Ruan family, and it would be even more difficult for him to be Ruan Zeyan’s son. Everyone knew that. That was why the elders in the family doted on little rice dumpling so much. It was mostly because of their guilt and heartache for him. That was because little rice dumpling’s future was basically set. Other than being better and more outstanding than others, he must also be strong and resilient. Even if the sky fell, he had to have the ability to hold on by himself.

As for the little son, the pressure might not be as big as little rice dumpling’s, but it wouldn’t be easy either.

But it would be different if it was a daughter. There had never been a girl in Ruan Qishan’s family, and there were few girls in the entire Ruan family. Therefore, if Ling Tianya gave birth to a daughter, she would definitely become the family’s treasure.

Ruan Zeyan was the kind of father who would pamper his daughter and dote on her. When that time came, even if she wanted the stars and the moon in the sky, Ruan Zeyan would do everything he could to give it to her.

However, in Ruan Zeyan’s heart, the most important person was still the children’s mother, Ling Tianya. From the past to the present to the future, she would be the only one he wanted.

Everyone waited outside for quite a while. The duration of the surgery this time was a little longer than that of little rice dumpling’s.

When the midwife came out with the two little ones in her arms, her face had a joyous smile. “Congratulations, a son and a daughter, fraternal twins!”

Upon hearing the news, the elders were extremely excited. Even Ruan Zeyan was as excited, as if it was his first time being a father.

The elders gathered around, and the midwife continued, “The son is the older brother, and the daughter is the younger sister. The children are very healthy.”

No one expected there to be both a son and a daughter. Madam Ruan was so excited that tears were streaming down her face. Ruan Qishan even called his assistant directly, then told him to give every employee in the company a five percent raise.

Ling Tianya had originally planned to stay awake after the surgery, but she still fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was already back in the ward. At the moment, it was a little noisy in the ward. Although everyone was afraid of disturbing Ling Tianya and were talking in low voices, there were too many people so it was still a little noisy.

However, Ling Tianya wasn’t angry at all. Instead, she felt very happy because the people here were all people she loved.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw Ruan Zeyan. She knew that this man would be the first person she saw.

The elders were all around the children. Only this man was holding her hand tightly and asking if she was in pain.

Ling Tianya remembered that when she gave birth to little rice dumpling, this man’s first words were also asking if she was in pain.

That time, she said it hurt. It hurt so much that she almost cried.

This time, she smiled and shook her head. Even though it still hurted, she said it didn’t hurt.